A Man’s World

I think…therefore I man….

imageJust a guy

contemplating life

over a cup ‘o Joe

in his Spiderman shorts.

life IS good. Am I right fellas?


Just a quick note to let you know I am otherwise entertained at present but am trying to keep an eye on the blog. I have not had time to visit everyone but you are all in my thoughts as I wander through the beauty of this glorious illusion we call our world. As soon as I “land” again, I will be catching up.

Thanks and Pura Vida!

16 thoughts on “A Man’s World

  1. Hi, Cheryl
    This is Marion
    For some unknown reason I have been unable to access my account on WordPress in mclayburn1949, I have tried several days
    And finally gave up and made this profile
    Hope all is going great for you my friend!



    1. I am sorry to hear that Marion. Have you contacted the support team for WordPress? Also be sure to delete any spam that has attached to your comments. I am well. Hope you are the same my friend.


  2. Really made me smile did this – a young enquiring mind, eager to experience the wonderful life that lies ahead. Delightful!
    No hiding where much of your inspiration comes from…


    1. Hi Peter! Pura Vida! Well, knowing my grandson, it is likely he was just trying to aboud smiling for the photo. But he is quite intelligent and thoughtful too, so who knows? Perhaps trying to decide if he wanted cereal or eggs. Haha. I also feel some poeple are very old souls and arrive here on Earth in a contemplative state. He is very intuitive. He once ran to his Mom with his Dads cell phone insisting they call Maw Maw (thats me) until they gave in. As it turns out, I was having a very sad day and his call saved me from real depression. Miracles come in such small packages, eh?


      1. He is a miracle. An old soul? I think if you reincarnated with the same memories, then it would be as if you never died at all. I used watch a certain program on TV about unexplained occurrences across the world. They were truly curious and weird. One kid knew where he had died before in a plane crash, and a woman found her childhood pony, with whom she had formed a special bond, after several years when she was herself now a mother with grown up children.


      2. I love those shows Peter. I know that we are infinite and there are too many stories of these things for me to think anything else. Did you ever read about Indigo Children?


      3. I think Dean Koontz mentioned them in one of his books, either Sole Survivor or some other. But I have come across the concept several times in American literature. Like those spoon-bending kids in The Matrix (1999). It is a fascinating concept. Sometimes, in my meditation, I wonder what a human child can become if brought up in an entirely different system of things, maybe where people fly or possess telepathy, where everybody is an indigo child. I think we suppress many things in children. Imagine an undeveloped brain, a clean slate, a paper with nothing written on it except only those instinctual inclinations like feeding, crying, etc. Then we fill it up with the bullshit we have made of ourselves, the economics, the politics, the biases, etc. Taking them to school from a very tender age, where they learn to depend completely on a flawed, corrupt system, to be taught by uncommitted teachers whose abilities are themselves limited by the same system. We imprison them as soon as they can learn. What is this? When I think of these things, I am loath to have children. I hate the imposed confinement. Now the world suffers critical unemployment and economic instability because we’ve all been taught the same things, which are only but a few. We all do the same things in the same way, struggling to fit in, hungering for approval, and ever so full of fear. We can’t think out of the system. And right now is when we really need to think out of the system.


      4. You must have been reading my mind Peter. These are all things I agree with completely. I never viewed my children as anything less than gifts placed in my care to nurture and encourage until they could be on their own. They are not “our” children to mold and shape into little duplicates of ourselves or of those things we wished we had become. They are our hope; but I am feeling dismal about that hope from what I see around me. If you look into a newborn’s eyes you can see all the knowledge of eternity and they want to tell you everything. By the time they are 3 mos old that look has faded into the image of a blank slate, awaiting its instruction. Why can’t we encourage it to tap into all of the hidden resources that are available? Fear is the greatest enemy of enlightenment.


      5. Fear is the worst thing in the world. We are full of fear. So we make the children be like us, thinking and believing that anything different will be harmful. The same laws and rules and principles that have inhibited us are what we instil in our children. Terror is when you contemplate what the child could have become and what he has become, especially if you consider how many possibilities were there for him at birth! There is no definite path in this life; we make the path definite; then we philosophize concerning it, philosophies which are then passed down to subsequent generations as eternal truth. Philosophies like “Freedom must come with bloodshed and death” while the only freedom we need is freedom from the bloodshed and death! Life, thus, remains the same, marked by relentless wanton violence, hate, privation, deprivation, economic instabilities, shallow, transient love, broken homes, families, etc. These become reality.


      6. All true. I know that the only real thing I can change is myself and I carry the continued hope that in so doing I amy be a light to another who seeks a different way. The greatest error that man holds as truth is that there is only one truth and he holds it for himself. Thus he tries to inflict his own truth upon all atound him so that he does not feel alone or out of control. Perception is the unrecognized wedge which intercepts understanding and turns it to conflict. For me there are only two forces, fear and unconditional love. It isw hat my novel is all about. I was trying to present a possibility of evolution of these emotions through a fictional work.


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