Oz in My World?

Okay, so before you get all excited, perhaps I should have titled that,

  Balloons Over the Hood

or maybe

When the Winds Fail

or perhaps

America’s Funniest Festival Mishaps

or better yet

If the Great and Powerful Oz Were Here, There Would Be a Dead Witch!

Anyone who visits my blog often or knows me on g+ will understand that I was out for my daily dose of natural Vitamin D and God’s glorious creation; and as on most days, I took along my camera. Not just the phone this time, it was a real camera for a change.  I mean, the Balloon Festival was happening and who knows? They might be sailing overhead, spraying the sky with floral balloon images that I could capture for all to enjoy. I will show you what happened through this series of photos.  I held my breath the entire time, both for those above and below. One thing about balloon events is the amazing silence of it all.  The only sound was the wind.  I hope you enjoy the images.  It truly was a magnificent moment for me.  As I approached I was hoping to see the Great and Powerful Oz toss out his bag, followed by a frazzled Dorothy and yapping Toto! But no, he was apparently busy in Ireland or someplace….;)

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14 thoughts on “Oz in My World?

    1. Thank you Peter. I try not to remember much about that book. My least favorite King piece. Its too heartbreaking. Of course when we watched the movie The Wizard if Oz as kids that part always scared me too. I loved when they found it was only amother egotistical man behind the curtain. Haha. No offense to all the wonderful men in the world.


    1. Yes, Sue, that would be my preference as well. Perhaps sailing quietly above the vineyards in the Napa Valley…..glad you liked the photos and thanks for reading. 🙂


    1. It really was. I thought surely they were going to tear open the basket on the corner. It was one of those never to happen again breathless kind of events. Then it was over. Not unlike romance. haha. I would like to ride in a balloon someday. I did go para sailing while in Costa Rica. My husband, the king of being afraid of heights, made me do it because I had said how much I wanted to. He stayed on terra firma snapping photos. It was a grand experience. I’d do it again…thanks for reading..


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