Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art

Hello, this past week I had the honor and pleasure of seeing a lovely piece of art done by a fellow g+ poster named Paul Hawarth.  

It moved me so much that I could not rest until I found a way to express the feelings I had in written word. I told Paul it just seemed so mighty.   He was so kind to display our collaborative effort on his google page and, likewise, I am posting it here.  I hope you enjoy the words and image that we have blended together.  He was inspired to do this piece in light of the recent flooding in the UK.

When you have time you should check Paul’s YouTube site by clicking on his name above. He can also be found on g+ and has many other lovely images such as these. Thank you Paul!

Neptune’s Lament

Crashing against my broken will
  rejection rolls its angry tempest,
crushing my gentle hopes beneath
  cold, indifferent waves of apathy.

Misty tears float above the salty brink
  as my dying heart floats down,
down where the briny green of the sea’s embrace
  envelopes me with silent welcome.

Let the storm rage above me while in
  my watery cocoon  I gnash my teeth
 and curse my blind faith in one so
  unworthy of my devotion.

But if I die, victory belongs to none
  when my soul be undone before longing.
Battle between sky and sea subside as
  Neptune’s angry cries turn to gentle sobbing.

Now are hollows etched upon the rocky shore,
  halls where shadows whisper comforting
vespers that echo within the hallowed, damp
  cathedrals where my soul might heal.

Spent, I lay upon the cool sand as the gentle
  surf licks my toes, tempting me to return
to the depths of sorrow.  I claw at the sand to
  find my way up, leaving only footprints to be
     swallowed greedily by the sea. 

                      Cheryl KP 2014

14 thoughts on “Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art

  1. Wonderful again,you are an amazing writer,and I am always looking forward to reading what you come up with next! Lol
    Just hope you keep it up! 🙂
    And that is an amazing photo!



  2. Skilful painting. Mystical. Though I’m actually terribly scared of the sea, large water bodies. I see one and what I visualize is myself sinking in it, drowning, airless, breathless, dying. The see scares me. Add the storms and I’m finished. The poem is despondent. But it compliments those murderous storms.


    1. My husband would agree with you Peter. I live the ocean but have a very healthy respect for its power. Perhaps the “see” was just a mental slip. “See” the sea. It was just to scary for you. 🙂 I do that all the time..


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