Hey guys!  I did it, I did it! 

After all these years, I finally….



And aren’t they adorable?


So, here I am, finally caught up with the day’s business and trying to step into my safe and cozy world of writing. First order of the night is to give a great big THANK YOU to my new blogging friend, Frankie, over in Ireland at

He likes to yank my chain about my writing and poetry. So, without being ‘pleonastic'( I,too, have a dictionary AND a Thesaurus),

let me say I appreciate his awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award yesterday, paying it forward to a lot of very grateful and deserving writers.


I will have to return tomorrow with my list of new recipients due to having had a long day with icky numbers and billing-things my mind loathes and, well, I cannot do anymore critical thinking before I head off into dreamland. But first, let me give you the 7 random facts about myself that are part of the drill with receiving this thing.

1)  There is not much about myself that I don’t wear on my sleeve so if you keep saying “I knew that“, well, what can I say?

2) My Mom’s family on her mother’s side is of Irish descent and I have a dream to one day visit and, if not, then my sons are sworn to fly my ashes there and toss me over the side of a beautiful cliff into the ocean.  If they don’t I shall be haunting them like the Canterville Ghost.

3) My first ambition was to be a ballerina. I could even stand on the tips of my toes. I still can, although it makes them turn purple-very quickly

4) I am a die hard Dr. Who fan, but prefer the “Tom Baker” years. He saw me through some rough years in the first marriage. Thank you, Doctor. 🙂

5)  I am not religious although I was baptized in a river, mud between my toes and all. I am, however, deeply spiritual and have tried to study as many different belief systems as I can to gain a clearer understanding of where others are coming from

6)  I hate Lima beans.  I mean phobic, won’t cook them, look at them, and this is the last you will hear me speak of them

7)  Not a day of my life goes by without me thanking Spirit for all that I have and acknowledging the miracle of possibility that exists in each new day.


but before I go, I need to pay a small tribute to the talented blogger who nominated me. This has been on my mind to do since he wrote his post about the unfair taxes he and his fellow townsfolk and neighbors are having to pay for their houses. This one’s for you Frankie!  She’s flying…


You should pop over to his blog and read about the red flag saga under Stubborn or Stupid?

No unfair taxes!

Now go out and keep writing so you don’t become a Neoplasm. (look it up)

29 thoughts on “Success!!

  1. Another charming and delightful post, though being a regular reader of your blog, it’s no more than I’ve come to expect – you’ve set your own personal bar very high! i thoroughly recommend a visit to Ireland if you ever get the chance; it’s a country rich in history and culture, and one I’ve enjoyed many walking and hiking holidays in.
    ps, The ducks in a row picture was priceless!!!


    1. Oh thank you. You are too kind and I am happy you are enjoying my ramblings. I still hold it in my heart to get to Ireland. I can hardly listen to Celtic music without feeling homesick-and I have never set foot on the Emerald Isle. My heart is still somehow lost there. sigh. If ever I hear Oh Danny Boy playing I have to stop until the very last note is played and always-always it makes me cry. How fortunate that you have been there many times. The ducks were so very entertaining and quite orderly. Mother goose made sure of that! Those photos are posted over on g+. Thanks for stopping by and the heads up on Tom’s venture. I shared it on my social networks. Great idea!


  2. Congratulations on getting your ducks in a row and on your award! The first looks amazing and the second was well deserved.

    And I really like the new template on your blog 🙂


  3. Thank you Cheryl. 🙂 Aw shucks. That was lovely.
    Well wadaya know, the mighty Oz (me) is only human after all.
    I fell asleep halfway through last night’s post. I will get it finished now.
    Thank you so much. I have a good mind to reblog this on my page under the heading “Come, gather round, and see how great I am.”


      1. It is kind of hard to pick 7 so I just did it as they popped into my pointed little heaf. Haha. The flag comes from my heart. I seriously don’t like people being treated unjustly. It’s one of my biggest annoyances. Have a great weekend!


    1. Well, hey, let me know. I have a great photo you could use of a hot air balloon that landed right in front of me once! Synchronicity at work….
      Hope you got some rest then.
      Or you could call it, The Man Behind the Curtain-the Real Wizard! 😀


      1. No it doesn’t. The Balloon Festival was going on but the way it happened was SO like the scene in Wizard of Oz when the balloon first lands in Oz. Only there was no dead witch under it. At least I don’t think so…..i’ll have to share that photo with you soon!


  4. Hi Cheryl
    I’m kinda getting behind here,lol
    I can’t seem to get my ducks all in a roll,but sure glad you have managed to do it,and in great splendor as usual, I so enjoy your blogs,when I have the time to drop by,think I may have too many irons in the fire sometimes,lol 🙂
    It’s a great pleasure reading you writings and viewing the wonderful photos, and shareing your memories,you are a very special Lady

    Have a wonderful night,my friend



    1. I know what you mean my friend. I have “dangling ends” myself. I just try not to sweat it and keep peddling. Lol I am always happy to have you here and no worries about staying on top of it all. Thank you for your kind words. Good night.


    1. Thank you Karen. I am really happy to have you here and look forward to sharing our “words”. It was indeed an honor to be thought of for the award, but the best part is meeting new bloggers like yourself!


      1. Aaw, shucks. I am happy to have you reading my thoughts! I have to say, though, I had more views on my site than usual, and suspect it is because of your sidebar that directs your readers to other bloggers’ posts. That is awesome, so I thank you for that. You have to share whether that is a widget I can use as well!


      2. Oh that is great. I am slowly learning my way around the WordPress intricacies. That is indeed a widget. You can find it under the customize and widgets section. It is called blogroll. You can design it several ways using the drop down menu. I have recently begun to visit bloggers that I find in the comments section of blogs I follow or visit. Because they are commenting on blogs I enjoy, they usually have content that I also enjoy and vice versa. I think the widget option says something about showing recent places you have visited. Glad it is helping!


      3. Yes! I, too, am slowly learning. Just figured out recently that the orange versus blank notification in the header means that I have a comment. Duh! Thanks for letting me know about the widget. I appreciate that. I, too, am more focused on comments, because they help me find like minds. 🙂


      4. I get my notifications through gmail so that way I dont miss any, although ince in awhile I find a stray that must have ridden in “piggyback” with another. I never want anyone to feel unnoticed.mthat has happened to me too often. Good luck with it and have fun!


  5. Well Congratulations Cheryl! The longer I am involved in blogger the more I enjoy getting to know the other bloggers who have enriched my own desire to be a consistent blogger. I hope you get to go to Ireland someday. I am Irish on both sides going back to as far as I can find on Ancestry.
    Your ducks are precious…I too watch them wandering in and around my rural town.
    Again-Congrats…well deserved.


    1. Thank you so much. I wish I had the time to do a more thorough research on my family. Their name was Treadway. I love my birds, all of them, as you can likely tell from all my photos. I appreciate your coming by!


    1. Thanks! I have to get busy on my A to Z stuff now. I prefer to wing it day by day but I have been posting nearly every day now just due to being in a creative flow. The only thing is we will be out of country the first few days in April. But we shall have internet and it is a vacation of sorts, so it shouldn’t be a problem. We always bring a computer. Thanks again for dropping by. And thanks for helping me to connect with so many beautiful people. 🙂


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