Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits


Or so it has been said…that he is head of the rabbit family!  He doesn’t look like a rabbit, does he?


However, some of his offspring would appear to bear certain bunny attributes…

And there are indeed quite a few of these offspring-five to date, with the last arriving in the delightful package of twins!

As you celebrate your birthday tomorrow my Number 2 son, just know that I love you as the Snuggle Bear you always were; and it thrills me to see you with the opportunity to have a whole house full of bears, or bunnies, or whatever else they might be called. Instead of writing a poem to you today, I want to share some of my fond memories of your time with me; for your life is like a poem to me.

For Bubby


I suppose I could be to blame, for you quickly adapted to the role..


And time only added to your love of small, wriggling packages.

I knew you had what it takes to succeed even as I watched you leaving the world of childish things behind..


….and stepping into the unknown.  It is still a mystery, my son; for each day holds promise and you hold the key to your future.


 Although sometimes faced with life’s little difficulties, you always found a way to work it out,

and so often worked to lift others when they were low.


“She ain’t heavy…she’s my Mother!”

My son, the Adventurer…


My pizza loving Michelangelo…go Ninja, go Ninja, go!


“It Happened at the World’s Fair”  New Orleans. Thus began a love affair with pizza that is eternal.


You were always ready to join in the fun and make it look cool.  I wish I was more like you.

Here’s to you my little “Snuggle Bear”.  I am wishing you such a Happy Birthday tomorrow. May it be as special as you are.


Remember that cake? OMG!

Your talents are numerous and I always  thought you would grow up to be a reporter. You loved this show so much!


I own the most priceless art in the universe. :))

Be always true to yourself, accept the joy that the world has to offer, and always remember to jump, fly, dream, take a chance-and never, ever, ever, keep your feet on the ground!

I love you!!!

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