Happy It Patty’s Day!

No, no, you read it correctly.  That was no typo.  I suppose this is what comes of growing up in a non catholic household.  Saint, It, ’tis all the same to a six year old with crayons.  I am certain it was what he thought he saw on the board at school. Still, it’s a lovely grove of trees, wouldn’t you agree?



Fun times, those “kiddie” years; and God how I miss them.  I’ve been going through what remains of my children’s drawings and collectibles, trying to trim down the extra baggage.  With children of their own now in their lives, I am thinking it is perhaps time for them to share these tidbits with them before they crumble to dust or become food for wayward critters.  I am smiling with every turn of a page, trying to guess which of my little geniuses drew what and being amused at their differing styles. 

We were supposed to go to a St. Patty’s Day parade here today but family problems for one in the group and poor weather just dampened our spirits for going. If I can’t bring the camera it really ‘rains on my parade.’ (pardon the pun)

I think maybe I can scrape up a photo from the ghosts of parades past for you, however.  Let’s see……




This is one of THE best parades for catching “throws”, everything from beads to cups, stuffed animals and various undergarments. I do believe down in New Orleans you may even get your hands on a green beer!



Everybody is a billboard!



There is the traditional..



And the irreverently fun!



But in the end, it’s all about the people we love and “passing a good time” together.




This post is dedicated to our dear friend, Joyce, who loved this day and this parade more than any other.  The photos here were from 2011, which was her last one with us as she passed away before the next ‘wearin’ ‘o the green.’  She is greatly missed by all of us, but most especially by my sister, who is pictured above with her best friend in the world. 

(Sis is the one with the red head! ) 

We miss you, Joyce!



Well, that’s me, there to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day-that’s SAINT, folks. Sorry I didn’t have any new photos from this year’s event but these are new to you all since it is the first time I have shared them. May all your celebrations be warm, safe and filled with love. Oh…

And may the luck ‘o the Irish be with ye.

(and don’t forget to fill up yer tank, right Frankie?;)


23 thoughts on “Happy It Patty’s Day!

  1. Wonderful post! I’ve never participated in this holiday (?) except for getting pinched at school for not wearing green when I was young lol but the parades look like so much fun! I especially liked the traditional photo. Oh and this is Lysa by the way. I have a new identity 🙂


    1. Hi Lysa! Nice new look. Ill have to pop iver and see what other changes are there. 🙂 Thanks for coming by. Yes, this is a favorite parade in our city because it is fun for everyone, not just the wild party goers like Mardi Gras seems to attract. I was sad that I missed it this year but I havee enjoyed them before. And I have the buckets of beads to prove it. Lol have a great weekend. Oh, yes, the Guys in kilts usually hand our fresh green carnations. Real sweeties, they are.


  2. What can I say? Who’s the daddy!
    I’m famous. I feel like doing a moon walk across the sitting room wearing nothing but a Leprechaun’s hat and a fake beard.
    Cheryl, I am sorry about your sister’s bestie, Joyce. The Photo; What a lovely keepsake! That photo oozes friendship and love!
    You have a lovely way with words.
    And look at you, all cool with your shamrock tee shirt! 🙂
    The parades there sound like heaven.
    Thanks Cheryl 🙂


    1. Aww Thanks my friend! I will never attend another parade without a chuckle as I picture you there being given the old breathalyzer. That’s classic! Thanks for your kind words for our friend. I appreciate it. And my son will be proud to know you admire his handiwork. That would be the non rabbit, Superman one. lol Perhaps you can make it over some day for a parade here. But I may be long gone by then. One never knows….:))


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