My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!

“Do or do not.  There is no try.”


These sage words were spoken by Yoda in the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi.  It is very good advice. This phrase has been spoken for a millennium by many wise counselors in a myriad of ways.  My husband’s own brand of wisdom is “Do something, even if it’s wrong.”

But it is the words of my son, Matthew, who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, which I recall whenever I feel I am uncertain of what I am doing or why.  He is a sage young man in his late 20’s but has been bringing comfort to my soul through our conversations since he was a teenager. I want to thank him.  He used to study the Tao and once told me that it did no good to worry about what I did, that there is no wrong thing to do.  He reminded me that all things work together for purpose in the universe.  I try to remember this on those tough days.  This post is dedicated to my Sage Monkey, my little tree climber who is about to become a father himself! 



For Chewy


For all the times we were apart,

I held you close within my heart.

Your tiny face, your eyes that shine,

we played through days, our arms entwined.


From creeping mouse you grew into

my climbing monkey, look at you!

Creeper, crawler, climber, wrestler,

potter, artist, puppeteer,

Poet, actor, gardener, seer,

musician, thinker-without fear.



A Mother’s job, supposedly,

to teach her child to thankful be.

Yet you have taught me more than this-

to know the warmth of an angel kiss.

You flash a grin and touch my lips,

hook an arm ’round my neck in a monkey grip.


My gift of wisdom, sage and fun

wrapped up in sunshine with you, my Son!


Happy Birthday, Matthew

I love you.

Cheryl KP


Now you knew I had to put one of these in.  It is tradition, after all.  My creative son finding ways to deal with the drudgery of helping Mom with chores.  We now have a collection of “traditional” photos of him at Christmas with the obligatory shorts on his head, always a new pair left by Santa in his stocking.  What a ham! 

21 thoughts on “My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!

  1. Amazingly beautiful!
    Gret writing as usual and very beautiful photos
    And some amazingly wonderful memories! !:-)
    Cling to them,thry are so vrry precious,
    And have a wonderful night my friend! 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Matthew. I am Pisces too so great to see your pictures. I guess I am as naughty as he is in the pictures, the only thing is people don’t know that. Great poem by you once again Cheryl. In fact, this one surpasses all your past ones I have read till now. I read somewhere that when a child is born, a mother is also born, before that she is just a woman.


    1. He will appreciate your kind wishes. Something special about Pisces people. They have gentle but fragile hearts. And lots of mischief yes! Are you quite rebellious as well? He always was. His favorite expression was always, “I know.” He said it before we could finish a sentence. He is so beautiful to me as well as all my boys, each so different and yet so similar. The last line you wrote is like a poem to me. Thank you so much.


      1. I am not sure if I am gentle, at least I am hyper-sensitive, but I am very honest and blunt on face, so obviously I am considered rude, arrogant and egoistic. In my childhood days, I was not rebellious much, I was very much in control of my mother. She knew where I am when I am with my friends, what I am doing, what I think and everything that went through my mind. Like other Pisces, I love to stay informed, so everything I read is stored in my memory. I keep information about everything that I read from the latest cars exhibited at Detroit Auto Show to almost other news. My family and friends calls me Walking Encyclopedia. Oh, one thing they hate the most in me…When they ask me a question, I get so much involved in it that I start explaining every small aspect of it…and they’re like…Sharukh, I just need a yes or no…I don’t need why and how….so I guess every Pisces has some issues.


      2. Well don’t we all have some issue or another? That last part made you sound like my husband. Are you sure you are not a Virgo? Haha. It is good to be like a sponge. I always say that if I am faced with surviving in the wilderness I want someone like him-or you- to be there because he never forgets what he learns and he is like a sponge, always absorbing. But, yes, sometimes I don’t want to hear why the sky turns pink at sunset as I am watching it being oainted before my eyes. 😀


  3. Happy birthday to your son, Cheryl. I think he is a mature, perceptive, intelligent, and loving young man to say the things he said to you. You are a blessed, gifted mother.


    1. Thank you So much Peter. He would be honored by your words. He is very special. He is passionate about recycling and living naturally, as much as possible. I am blessed indeed, in so many ways. Your mother should be quite proud of you as well. 🙂


  4. Carrying on from the above comments I would like to wish the ‘Rabbit’ family all the best in future breeding. 🙂
    Wow, what a head start Cheryl. Show off!!
    Lovely tribute to one of your little soldiers. He must be a farmer 😉


    1. Haha..Rabbit indeed. That was said of me with my brood of four once upon a time. When I found out they were having another I was dubious; then when it turned out to be twins I was so floored. But they love their children and are so resilient. They even have two dogs and two hamsters! He’s the one who should be a farmer. My Matthew, though, is indeed a farmer and loves turning the Earth, planting organically and living a “green” life. Thanks for reading. I do love my boys more than chocolate!! 😀


      1. I meant the father of the twins (you know, type first, read later). He has taken after his father, “Just do something, even if….” 😉
        Funny we have started to grow our own this past couple of years. Nothing to write home about yet. Haven’t got the chickens yet.
        I am in the middle of doing today’s prompt about being hoodwinked. Probably inspired by your post.
        Great post Cheryl.


      2. Ha..very good then. Ahh, well, the chickens are the best part! Good luck. Looks like your inspiration led to an awesome post. I really enjoyed that. Your daughter sounds like fun. Actually, your family sounds like fun. Please don’t tire of blogging before we meet them all. 😉


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