Where Have You Gone, Superman?

No other love surpasses that

of a Mother for her child….


Or for her children.

I have decided to devote some pages to the souls who chose to join me in this life, honoring me with their love, their guidance and their abiding presence.  You will always be my heroes.  This is for you, Ande.


Where Have You Gone?

Where have you gone, Superman?

I watched you fly across the dry grass,

red cape flapping in the hot, desert breeze

with its tattered edges curling about your knees-

Don’t fall!

It must be blue tights and red shorts,

more easily done when pajamas went on sale.

Fly,  my hero!

Swing, hang and flip-


“Superman has red boots, not blue,”

you whispered to me, aside,

when your birthday surprise hero proved to be

an imposter.

Of course you knew.

Superman was too big to be there-

too busy,

out there, saving the world.

Now you are the one “out there”,

doing what you can for the world.

But where is your cape?

That toothless smile?

Where are your strong, tiny Superman arms

wrapped so tightly about my legs?

So long ago.

Always in my heart you remain the only Superman-

My hero.

Cheryl KP


26 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone, Superman?

    1. Yes, welcome to the bittersweet world of Motherhood. Enjoy him. It will only seem fast once he is grown. While they are young, many days seem endless. lol 😉 Have fun!


  1. Cheryl, this hit hard for me because I miss my sons so very much. And I loved the little boy stage – they needed Mom so much then. I am blessed to have a darling grandson who is a young 11. He is beginning to express his charm as a young man and everytime I see him I can’t help but think of my own. If only they could sit in our lap again. The pictures are very sweet. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I am so sorry for the sadness you feel missing your sons. When they are small, they seem such a handful but as they leave, it is suddenly a great loss. My four were always fun though. My own mother used to tell me to treasure the time when they were young because she would give anything to have hers back safe and sound in their beds at home. She died two weeka before my first son was born. What a bwilderment to raise them without her guidance. How wonderful you are able to continue love through your grandson. He sounds precious. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.


  2. Heroes are really important in life. As a kid, my superman was my mother. Now she is gone, faraway, but I still have her prayer scarf with me. Its the only thing that makes me feel she is right by my side, guiding me and helping me fly through good and bad times. Excellent poetry…made me emotional. 🙂


    1. Well, I know as a mother I could never be far from my children, even when I depart this physical life. I know my own mother watches over me along with the Eternal Mothers. As a mother, I feel very bound to everyone’s children. You honor your mother with your words. Hugs!


  3. That is very wonderful,and beautifully written
    And brought back so many memories of when my son was born,and growing up,Superman was his hreo,along wuth me! Lol
    Great post,I enjoyed,and truly loved it!
    Thabk you for shareing it!


  4. A sweet and delightful post. And just to diverge a moment, it kind of puts me in mind when my own son was born… As a man, I don’t think I ever really appreciated how much I was loved until that day I held my own son in my arms for the fist time. Thanks for that sweet reminder.


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