Trapped/Inside My Dream/Poetry


This poem is the result of a dream I had last night, so profound, so real, I thought it like a movie sequence. It was both horrifying yet revealing as I began to peel back the layers of my subconscious mind.  The subconscious and the super conscious is always willing to help us and communicates through dreams. I understand much of it now.  But within the nightmare was real terror of being alone and forgotten-trapped!


Upon the shadowed road  I walk,
catching moments with my lens,
attracted by the light of life,
moving in circles, driven by friends.

Suddenly, alone I stand
gazing as they leave me there.
Who do I call, where do I go
in this world of no one anywhere

Beckoned by a silent call,
I leave the path and step within
an ancient hall where nothing moves.
The tiny germs of fear begin

to infect my mind.

Before me looms a covered door
in rough hewn cloth of fleshy pink.
From out to in, I quickly go.
I move, no pause to think.

I push the door into the room,
so stark-a window, all it owns.
Same dusky cover hides its face,
same bleak fleshy undertones.

Creases of light are all that creep
around the unblinking eye
that taunts me with its hint of life.
I must reveal its secret,-try

to reach the world behind.

Alas, the only thing revealed-
a second window,  covered,

I seek retreat back through the door
and to my rising horror find
a veil of fleshy burlap o’er-

so now begins my loss of mind.

I swing it open,
hold my breath-
another hallway!
Is this my death?

Closing in, the window, door-
covered in pink insanity.
I view the lovely world no more.
only slivers of light blinking back at me.

Tearing off the mask of life,
beneath the curtain lies
another and another..

Shards of light to taunt my
senses, whispering of the world
I let slip through my fingers.

With every layer peeled away
revealing only more delay
Closing in, no room to run
Trapped, tangled, all alone.

I want to scream,

I wake!

Cheryl KP


34 thoughts on “Trapped/Inside My Dream/Poetry

  1. Sometimes between the jumbled dark and light
    of dreams there is an understanding to be deciphered,
    and once the collection of thoughts are revealed
    it is simply one’s unprocessed thoughts giving way
    to an adventure of the damned…

    Awaking from such a nightmare is a welcoming experience
    but then dreams are mere reflections of the mind, and not
    something to fear. I have enjoyed your piece of poetry
    Cheryl and thank you for directing me here this morning,
    I really do need to start reading and commenting more than
    I have so far… Have a lovely Monday and be well 🙂

    Andro xx


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for the kind words. I did realize exactly why I was having the dream at the time. I had even fallen asleep that night murmuring that I was trapped, personal things you know. We are our own worst enemies as well as our own healers. I hope you will visit again. Have a great day yourself!

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    1. Thank you Sharukh. I had a writing teacher tell me in school that I should only write about things that I have experienced or understand. I tend to be empathic so my understanding is broad now that I am older. Still, all of ehat I write comes from personal experience. It just sort of spills out. I loved your poem. Can’t wait to see more!


  2. This is really effective 🙂 have you heard of lucid dreaming? Maybe it was a lucid dream you had. And you woke up as you were about to scream because you subconsciously realised you were in a dream. Wild theories! Much enjoyed. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much. Oh, I have no doubt that is what this was. I went to bed unhappy over feeling trapped by certain life situations, even saying those words aloud before I fell asleep. I guess my subconscious decided to show me just how trapped I could be! It was very real and I was happy to wake up. It took me some long moments to shake it off. Glad you liked the poem.


    1. Ahhh…well, a little more and I would have been “horrified”! So glad to awaken to my own room. I quickly got up an pulled back the blinds to look out into the world. Thanks for reading and your kind comment.


  3. Time for me at last to step out of the Divine Aloneness of our blog and leave my first comment here in this place of beauty and wonders you are maintaining for all of us to enjoy and find solace in…

    The honor and the tears and the joy of your companionship during our awakening is indeed beyond time and words, dear Cheryl. And yes, what an exchange: I am also trying to poetically put down a very recent frightening dream experience of mine (Destination Astral Human will be part of the title), when suddenly I read this amazing piece of yours! I am so grateful you offer this for us to discuss.

    If I may humbly propose something from my experience here, I do not think these dream occurrences are always interactions of the layers of our own minds. Especially if you take into account our budding psychic connections here, what I feel, what Plutonia and I have always felt and experienced, is that there really are astral entities outside our processes, lower-vibrational-level beings with the mission to destroy these buds and make us feel separated again. Nothing to be paralysingly afraid of, though. Sharing is healing and together we can cast away these illusions for good.

    I so much thank you! Love, blessings and protection to you, Leon


    1. Thank you Leon. I appreciate your thoughts and your presence here. It is my hope you will visit often. Yes, there are very real expressions of existence which seek to keep awareness but a vague memory for humankind. What I have come to understand for myself is that these expressions exist within each one of us as does the divine. I believe that what often manifests for us is of our own conjuring. That is not to say that we are not still often drawn into one another’s illusions and suffer as a result. I do believe it to be a divine workshop, if you will, where we try to help one another in many different ways. While this experience had the feeling of being controlled and bore a frightening tone, I also am in a personal situation where I have felt the walls closing in on me by life, so to speak. In fact I distinctly recall crying out in my mind before falling asleep that I am tangled and trapped and do not know which way to go. That is why, once fully awake, I assigned a more emotional aspect to its meaning. There was a precursor to that part of the dream which was also indicative of other presence, but I know there are loved ones who have left this realm who remain with me always. I very much look forward to reading about your dream experience. Indeed we must work as one to cast away doubt and illusion. Love and Light to you and Plutonia.


      1. Thank you Cheryl for making me feel so welcome and for providing some background information that explains your response to this dream. I see your point much clearer now and I do agree with your viewpoint. The knowledge that loved ones of yours who have passed remain with you always, has somehow lifted a burden off my soul, too; such is the magic of the communicating dynamics of our collective existence. It also makes me understand why my approach regarding nightmares may seem a bit too outside-in to you, and to anyone who has not known anything but war, who has not been so harshly deprived of love and support as Plutonia and I have been. Too much hostility has been after us all our lives, both couples of our parents hating each other and systematically turning everyone against us long before we met and started claiming our right to a life together. Thankfully there was the exception of one loving person, Plutonia’s grandmother whom I was blessed to meet even for a few days, but she was in no position to help us in any tangible way. I will put down my dream experience, but not just now; our next couple of articles will be in German, because we have to use our old and terribly slow online computer to raise some awareness on the reasons behind the condition of our essentially occupied country. Thank you for your perspective and support, Cheryl. Love and Light, Leon


      2. My friend Leon, I am sending all the love and light within my reach to you and your country as I write this. My heart breaks for the suffering of the world. I am thankful for the love and support I have known in this life. I am forever amazed by the diverse nature of existence and the role that perception plays in the way humans interact and treat one another. All my preyers are with you for being lifted up to your highest purpose and finding peace in your walk. All my best to Plutonia.


  4. Sweet Mother of Jesus!! Get the rosary beads out!
    It’s dark outside and I have yet to go out for my run around the little unlit backroads of Ireland. Eeek!!
    Well told, i could almost hear the eerie music in the background.
    I think I’ll take a flashlight on my jog 🙂


    1. Haha! How you made me laugh. That is some image, you jogging about looking over your shoulder for the boogeyman. Too funny. Yeah, well, it was very real and very frightening, not the sort of dream I normally conjure. Once I woke up properly and shook it off I realized it was a reflection of things. But, boy howdy was it real….


  5. A disturbing dream. Why do we have nightmares? Some nightmares are common almost to all of us. Everyone I have asked, country of origin not withstanding, has told me they dreamt of falling from a height or being chased by something they could not outrun, waking only when about to hit the ground or be caught, respectively. I learned to wake myself when experiencing a nightmare. Some days, I’d wake up, sit up for a minute or two, but when I returned to sleep, the nightmare would pick up from where I’d cut if off. Like in a movie or a book! It happened mostly when I was in high school in early 2000’s. It went so I’d only wake up once and remain so till morning. I had profound nightmares some of which I do remember today. My first novel, Devilry, began as one of these nightmares. I started writing it in Form 3 in 2001, and finished it in 2003, a year after graduation. One publisher told me that it was too scary for Kenyans (or for him?) and I kept the manuscript. I still have it. Planning a rewrite and self-publishing. The nightmare in this poem is like something from a Stephen King book; like the one in The Dark Half, where everything Thad touched broke into pieces. Another good work, Cheryl. I have become a fan.


    1. I have come to understand dreams more completely over the years. I believe they are not all the same, nor do they originate from the same source. But I do feel most are ways to work out our problems or questions while our thinking mind rests. Most messages come from our inner knowing, trying to reach us through the images we have stored within the mainframe of our “computer” brain. I would very much like to read your story if ever you do publish it. I find dreams fascinating. Mine relate to current circumstances as well as ongoing issues within my waking life and mental/emotional functions. I have kept quite detailed dream journals over the years of spiritual searching. I found that once I began to focus on my dreams and what they meant, then my dream life increased both in frequency and intensity. Like making friends with your sleeping psyche! I love the Dark Half by the way, as horrific as it was. It was one of his books that had a real villain that lay both within and without and there was a good ending. He is brilliant in my opinion. Thank you again. I appreciate your support and encouragement. Have a great week!


      1. My favourite part in The Dark Half was when the villain George Stark was killing someone in the corridor and a neighbour opened the door: “What’s going on out there?” he asked.
        “Murder,” Stark said. “You want some?”
        Or something like that. It was hilarious. The movie did not portray it like I had imagined it but it was still fine. Good day to you too.


      2. It was definitely one of Timothy Hutton’s finer moments. I only wished King had followed through with the sparrows theme a bit more. It was left dangling a bit. One of my favorite of his books to film trandlations though. Did you see or read Needful Things? Your recent story reminded me of its villain somehow.


      3. That crazy, evil villain. Leland Gaunt. He is the second worst Stephen King villain I know after Randall Flagg in The Stand. He scared all the living hell out of me. What he did to that kid who shot himself and those church people. Aha! it was supremely evil. That book actually gave me a nightmare. I dreamt I was buying something from Leland Gaunt, I don’t know what, and I woke up suddenly, jumped out of bed, lost balance and crashed on the floor. I think I cried aloud because I woke my roommate.


      4. I never got the movie, though. Is it as good as the book. My best King adaptation are Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and, of course, The Dark Half. I’m waiting breathlessly for the release of the Dark Tower movies. I heard they were to be made.


      5. Indeed he was evil. But I love the way King keeps it real by showing how humans so easily fall victim to evil by their weakness and desire. That is how I felt reading your story about the college friend obsessed with sex with white women. Only yours was not so dark. The best thing about Needful Thins was that they got him in the end. I always loved Alan Pangborn.


      6. Then you need to see the movie. It was one of the better of the screen adaptations of his novels. My top ones are The Stand, Stand by Me, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Needful Things, The Dark Half-and It was okay. Yes, Ron Howard has taken up the task of producing and directing for the Tower films I believe. They need to get on with it or the best actors will be too old. I think Daniel Craig would be perfect as Roland.


      7. Leland Gaunt had a hyena-hide suitcase for storing the souls. They got him but at the very end of the book he has another store: Answered Dreams. I think he lived to destroy another city.


  6. Awesome! Woww,I wish I could write like that
    You never cease to amaze me with what you write
    That just took hold of me and it was just as though I ess going through those doors with you!
    Gret writing! Cheryl! :-))
    5 Thumbs Up


    1. Thank you Marion! I am so glad you were able to follow it. I was uncertain if I could present the dream with all of the emotions that were present. I hope some of it was understood. I appreciate your faithfully reading my words. Have a great day!


      1. You are very welcome! Cheryl, 🙂
        And I realy loved it,and coud really feel the emotion you were feeling,just like in all your writing
        You take care,my Friend,and have a wonderful Monday! 🙂


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