Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

  Me   Where is me? What is me? A perception, a thought, a prayer, a whim?   From what batter was I poured? Primordial ooze or celestial ether? Am I a fragment of what once was or a culmination of the ages?   Who sees me? Who knows me? Do I know me, or am I a figment of all others’ imaginings?   This dream, this walk among the living dead- is it guided, misguided, planned, plotted or designed?   If I could only stop the noise, the incessant chatter in my gray matter. The voices lie, they cry, … Continue reading Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

Passion’s Dream

Another from the archives….   Passion’s Dream     I lie alone in the shadows of the night. Through the darkness your passions come to me, all enveloping. I am lost in desire.   Heart’s resolve, the mind’s will to direct is smothered by the fire that burns within my breast.   Touch that sears my flesh and moves me to helpless oblivion. Voice that woos and tempts me, pulling me out of myself. My conscience withers beneath your gaze.   My body aches for oneness with yours, so gentle yet so strong. Heart pleading in earnest for release from … Continue reading Passion’s Dream