A Man’s World

I think…therefore I man…. Just a guy contemplating life over a cup ‘o Joe in his Spiderman shorts. life IS good. Am I right fellas? Just a quick note to let you know I am otherwise entertained at present but am trying to keep an eye on the blog. I have not had time to visit everyone but you are all in my thoughts as I wander through the beauty of this glorious illusion we call our world. As soon as I “land” again, I will be catching up. Thanks and Pura Vida! Continue reading A Man’s World

Oz in My World?

Okay, so before you get all excited, perhaps I should have titled that,   Balloons Over the Hood or maybe When the Winds Fail or perhaps America’s Funniest Festival Mishaps or better yet If the Great and Powerful Oz Were Here, There Would Be a Dead Witch! Anyone who visits my blog often or knows me on g+ will understand that I was out for my daily dose of natural Vitamin D and God’s glorious creation; and as on most days, I took along my camera. Not just the phone this time, it was a real camera for a change.  … Continue reading Oz in My World?

Flashback/Still Me

YEP..me That was my constant state at the age of sixteen.  Reflective, contemplative, dreamy.  I didn’t find out until years later that what others saw when they looked at me was “sad” or “unhappy” or, better yet, “stuck up”. That one was a personal favorite and it gave me quite a chuckle. What in the entire world would I ever have to be stuck up about, I wondered.  And how bizarre the game of perception is.  If only they knew how tortured I was to even look them in the eye, to have to stand up in a full classroom … Continue reading Flashback/Still Me

Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art

Hello, this past week I had the honor and pleasure of seeing a lovely piece of art done by a fellow g+ poster named Paul Hawarth.   It moved me so much that I could not rest until I found a way to express the feelings I had in written word. I told Paul it just seemed so mighty.   He was so kind to display our collaborative effort on his google page and, likewise, I am posting it here.  I hope you enjoy the words and image that we have blended together.  He was inspired to do this piece in light … Continue reading Beauty in Partnership/Poetry and Art


Hey guys!  I did it, I did it!  After all these years, I finally…. GOT MY DUCKS IN A ROW!!! And aren’t they adorable? So, here I am, finally caught up with the day’s business and trying to step into my safe and cozy world of writing. First order of the night is to give a great big THANK YOU to my new blogging friend, Frankie, over in Ireland at http://truckerturningwrite.com/ He likes to yank my chain about my writing and poetry. So, without being ‘pleonastic'( I,too, have a dictionary AND a Thesaurus), let me say I appreciate his awarding … Continue reading Success!!

Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

Or so it has been said…that he is head of the rabbit family!  He doesn’t look like a rabbit, does he? However, some of his offspring would appear to bear certain bunny attributes… And there are indeed quite a few of these offspring-five to date, with the last arriving in the delightful package of twins! As you celebrate your birthday tomorrow my Number 2 son, just know that I love you as the Snuggle Bear you always were; and it thrills me to see you with the opportunity to have a whole house full of bears, or bunnies, or whatever … Continue reading Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

The Glow to Grow

Glow Hiding brilliantly in broad daylight does the magnificent exist among us. So quickly we stride through our paces that we overlook the light begging to uplift, bestowing its magical beauty upon our hearts as a gift. Our hearts, so full of pain and longing there seems little room for even a glint, Nay, not even a spark do we feel beneath the weight. Still it exists, it shines, it glows, it grows until all the world is alight with its fire, and we ask “Now where did that come from?” Angry beasts, raging winds, rolling waves and thunderous cloudbursts-Mother … Continue reading The Glow to Grow

A Day Without Monkeys….

Originally posted on Tropical Affair:
Is like a circus with no clowns. And every day has been like a circus since we moved into our little jungle house. Chico has turned this little area into a wonderland of delights for birds and animals alike as they pass through on their daily journeys. We have even been fortunate enough to see some fairly rare birds for this section of our area. More on those later. Let me introduce you to my “kids”, the wonderfully entertaining, highly excitable and completely amazing Squirrel Monkeys, or “Titis” as they are nicknamed around here, short… Continue reading A Day Without Monkeys….

Happy It Patty’s Day!

No, no, you read it correctly.  That was no typo.  I suppose this is what comes of growing up in a non catholic household.  Saint, It, ’tis all the same to a six year old with crayons.  I am certain it was what he thought he saw on the board at school. Still, it’s a lovely grove of trees, wouldn’t you agree?   Fun times, those “kiddie” years; and God how I miss them.  I’ve been going through what remains of my children’s drawings and collectibles, trying to trim down the extra baggage.  With children of their own now in … Continue reading Happy It Patty’s Day!

My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!

“Do or do not.  There is no try.”   These sage words were spoken by Yoda in the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi.  It is very good advice. This phrase has been spoken for a millennium by many wise counselors in a myriad of ways.  My husband’s own brand of wisdom is “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” But it is the words of my son, Matthew, who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, which I recall whenever I feel I am uncertain of what I am doing or why.  He is a sage young man in his late … Continue reading My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!