I Wait/Poetry



Another from the archives of a younger, lonelier, me…..



I Wait


by Cheryl Pennington


My heart, like an empty goblet,

longs to be filled again.

Your touch, intoxicating as any

heady liquor,

could fill me so.


My hands, like the wind in the trees,

long to caress your body,

to feel the quiver beneath my fingers,

as the leaves quiver beneath the touch

of the breeze.


My body, like a song with no music,

longs for the rhythm of yours-

movement for movement, changing the notes

at will.


My life, like an unfinished script,

pages clean and empty,

longs for you to lift the pen and write the story.

But how will it end?





20 thoughts on “I Wait/Poetry

      1. Funny but I am now feeling more like my younger me than I have in a long time. I think I put away much of myself while I “got on with” the business of life. May be why I am feeling more creative again. 🙂 You’re still in there-somewhere.


      2. That’s good! 🙂 …and yes, definitely … ‘me’ is in there …somewhere. It’s a matter of finding my way back, if that’s what I want … and I think it is.


      1. You are very welcome! Any time! 🙂
        Always a pleasure to visit you blogs and read you poetry,I enjoy them very much!
        And it’s warming up a litte here and mos of the snow is gone
        You have a wonderful night there! stay well,safe and happy! 🙂



    1. I thank you kindly. I am afraid that I am among the (apparent) minority here that is not Cajun at all. Just a simple Baton Rouge native, born in California but dragged back here at an age to tender to protest. It has been home for a long time, although I am an “honorary” Texan by virtue of my husband who authentically is a native Texan and with whom I lived there for more than a decade. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. An enchanting recollection of those days of our youth or early adulthood, when missing someone you love hurts as much as any physical pain…
    And again, the solitary rose, beautiful but alone, compliments the verse most elegantly…


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