Cloak of Invisibility



Watching the parade

and longing to ride,

but stand in the shadows,

 needing to hide.

Wings are not clipped,

so why not soar?

Afraid to enter

an opening door.

Visibility to some

the ultimate goal,

to another the threat

of losing their soul.

Why seems it a sin

to want only to live,

to answer when called

and with everything give?

No production!

No success!

No fame!

No coin!


quiet happiness.

Making beautiful things

for their own sake,

not to barter or sell

but any may take.


I am

in a crowded place, for

they look right through

the pain on my face.

Sometimes lost

and sometimes found,

accepted, rejected-

the senses confound

rational ideas!

Disappearing within,

the quiet calm

is as a balm.


not dying.

Merely being, so

tired of trying.

Always trying…

to fit in,

a color that won’t blend,

a peg that won’t fit,

an unfinished sentence,

hanging in the air.

I am the breath not taken,

the path untraveled,

the word unspoken,

the sight unseen.


Cheryl KP

10 thoughts on “Cloak of Invisibility

  1. Awesome 🙂 I liked the staccato element to it, it kept the flow bubbling along. Although, I know v little about poetry so perhaps that makes no sense…’disappearing within’ is certainly a constant fall back, although I am told everything we need is within so perhaps it is a case of rearranging that to a positive…plenty to think about here, thank you. Also i am going to see if your previous commenter is a long lost relative of mine 🙂


      1. Haha. Well in all sincerity you are the only two I have ever known so….:) i hope to see you again and look forward to more of your short stories.


  2. Just as Maggie said, a beautiful poem; and just as beautifully presented with the accompanying photo – you have a real talent for combining words with just the right illustration…


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