Eye of the Watcher/Window to Dohman/my Art


Copyright Cheryl Pennington February 2014

Okay, so it is 99.99999% complete.  Meaning every time I pass by the picture I will see some way to “tweak” or enhance it.  Otherwise it is done.  This was done with a combination of graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink and a bit of watercolor here and there.  I hope those of you who take a peek will leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

 Flash Forward:  I have been posting chapters in order for you here; but I wanted to give a bit of sneak preview for things to come. I hope you enjoy this little “peek”.  Let me know if you like it.

Thank you for reading!

Excerpt from Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington


Laoch raised his hunting knife high over his head as the female stood breathless behind him, also brandishing a weapon. Before the Dark One could react to this intrusion, the Warrior had plunged his knife deeply into its chest, twisting it until red life flowed from the wounds and the beast fell limp to the ground.  Laoch looked first to his companion to be certain of her safety, then turned to tend to Naofa; but he saw only crushed grasses where she had lain, having already scrambled to her feet to resume her desperate flight.

Naofa didn’t know how much more she could take. Weeping and sobbing, she tore at her long, tangled locks which seemed an enemy now as they worked to blind her, slowing her escape.  Gasping for air, she stumbled  into the clearing and fell upon the ground in a heap. She did not know if the couple was following behind, if the wolf were truly dead, or if she would ever be able to breathe normally again. She groaned and touched her scratches as she continued trying to capture air into her lungs. Finally, she ceased rolling in the grasses and lay still upon one side.  Feeling a soft furry nudge against her hot neck, she looked up to see the Golden Tiger gazing down at her as though it had never given her a wild chase or any reason to be in these woods. Her agitation subsided as It spoke to her in a familiar voice that she tried desperately to place.

“In this dream walk called life, there are paths that may cross and choices to be made.  While no one path is perfect,  one direction can bring perfection to the All while another may feel as perfection to the One.  It will always be your choice which path you desire, and you will never be punished for the choosing. With your gifts of power came great responsibility.  It may require you to make a great sacrifice as well. Remember this when the desires of your heart and flesh move to betray your purpose. Always know you are loved. No human can give you what is already your own.”

Naofa felt suddenly tired and fell back upon the soft cool grass of the night and closed her eyes, forgetting the Warrior Laoch, his doings in the woods, and the beast that wanted to rip into her flesh.

When she next opened them, it was Othar who was standing over her. “Miss, are you alright?  You slept rough last night, cryin’ out and thrashin’ about.”  Naofa tried to focus on the female’s face and take in her words; but her round face was swimming before the Sorceress so much that she felt a rolling in her gut.  Weakly, she tried to sit up; but all she could manage was to turn over on her bedroll and wretch, emptying her stomach of the animal flesh she had eaten the night before.

She moaned, “A curse upon me for eating that which I know is not for me.” Slowly she lay back and closed her eyes to the swimming. She would clean this up later, but now she only wanted to erase the images of the dream from her mind.

more later….

Good night!


12 thoughts on “Eye of the Watcher/Window to Dohman/my Art

  1. Wonderful…. is the “Eye” that of a dragon per chance? It is fascinating and clearly a vision from your soul to ours. Thank you for letting this creation come into OUR WORLD to be enjoyed. Keep writing, it is an intriguing story.


    1. It is indeed a dragon’s eye. I am glad you got the inference. The images are integral to the unfolding of the tale. Thanks for taking time to read this for me and leave a comment. It helps so much to keep plugging along!


  2. I really admire your art work. As a kid I always wanted to come up with great paintings and had a dream that I am hosting this huge art exhibition inviting celebrities and elite people and they praise my art. I know sounds funny but then I was just around 9 or 10 years old, unaware of the fact that life is a rollercoaster. Today, I have lost that touch, I haven’t painted anything for last decade or so, but I am a creative man and I cannot stock so much creativity inside me, so that oozes out through my writing. 🙂 and guess what I never had any idea someday I would be writing….professionally. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I can really relate to what you are saying. I had a similar vision that followed me throughout school. Ut life, marriage, work and raising children waylaid that dream. I started art again but it is so painstaking for me. I see others churn out gorgeous works of art like it was doodling. Each of mine is like giving birth. That is why I have returned to more writing. I feel more comfortable painting with words. To me, a poem is like a picture. You should try art again to stretch your creative muscles. And don’t stop writing! You are very good.


    1. Thanks so much. I did it in hopes of using it for my novel. Glad you like it. I have been so lax in getting my art and jewelry readily available online. I need to get organized, even here. I am working on it. Thank you for coming by and leaving me a comment. And thank you for your blogging friends post. It has helped us all!


  3. I know what you mean; I’m working on a much longer project myself, which brings quite new and different editing challenges. I’ll keep an eye out for the finished article, and of course read and let you know what I think (and post a review it if you don’t mind).
    Cheers, Paul..


    1. Good luck with your project! And I would so appreciate a review and comment. While I know there will always be differing views, I really want the final work to be relatable to everyone.


  4. Thanks for commenting on my ‘About’ page. I stopped by as a result of a comment you left on one of ‘Amiantewrites’ posts regarding commenting (of all things..lol). I didn’t comment straight away as I’ve been reading through some of your posts. The one above looks fascinating. Will you be releasing it in it’s entirety as an ebook or anything like that?
    ps, Great artwork too!


    1. Thank you so much for the visit. I signed up to follow your blog. I really like twists and turns in a story so your writing keeps me interested. My novel is quite lengthy, so as an exercise in final editing and “whittling” a bit, I decided to post it in chapters on the blog, also hoping for some feedback. When I am done, I plan to go for a full publish. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again for the comments. I look forward to reading more of your stories.:)


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