He cared not that she
cried for leaving,
for loss of kinship
she was grieving.

Too cold to see
she needed saving,
he turned away,
her soul enslaving.

She didn’t know
the pain would grow,
engulf her heart-
the killing slow.

She, returning,
hoped to mend
the broken bridge
that led to him.

She found that time
had not erased
the cold indifference
from his face.

Her words fell
lifeless-silent still,
soon swallowed
like a bitter pill.

She-broken, weary,
giving in;
He-caring not
it was the end.

Cheryl KP

3 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Beyond beautiful! This is something so many of us can relate to as almost all of us have or have felt this level of hurt and the feelings that another just doesn’t care…



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