Dragons in my Mind


I have had a fascination with dragon lore for most of my life and have, at different times, attempted to create renditions.  In light of my recent novel and a renewed interest in these mystical creatures, I wanted to post these older art pieces before I try my hand at a new piece.  The one above was done about ten years ago, during a time of Spiritual awakening and growth. I find the face a bit too “friendly” for what I have in my with my current project. But it was an attempt at an Atlantis reference, so a peaceful dragon would be in order I suppose. 🙂


This version is a bit more what I had in mind for fierceness; but I am envisioning something with a much darker essence.  I will try to post when I am well under way and hopefully can get some feedback from my artist friends out there.  I have also been thinking a lot about my dragon friends since meeting a fellow blogger over at dragontailsandscales , a wonderful place where the creators are producing a series of children’s stories about raising a baby dragon.  You should check it out when you have the chance. 

Stay tuned for new dragon art, hopefully very soon!


2 thoughts on “Dragons in my Mind

    1. Thanks Lysa. I have been drawing as long as expressing myself with words-since I could hold a pencil. I get bursts of inspiration to create projects. A lot of my work is mingled hwe on the blog amd on g+. I appreciate you stopping in for a look. It’s always good to see you here. Continued success with your book!


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