Within the Mirror


Within the Mirror

Viewing the mirror she goes
into her dreams for repose,
For there in the mists
possibility exists, in
a world that only she knows

The stage is bare
until she gets there
to set up the scenes,
providing the means
of escaping her world full of care.

He stands in the wings
with shadowy things,
awaiting his part
as she urges her heart
to reveal the truth of its stirrings.

‘Tis always the same
as she whispers his name.
He touches her face
before the embrace
that expresses his joy that she came.

Now thoughts could be shared
about how much she cared.
His smile betrays
his easy ways,
How he longed to-but never dared!

The words hang suspended
as the scene is upended
by the mists closing in-
how could she begin
to explain why she always pretended.

Damn the dark night,
and the dawning light.
The portal departed,
she awoke, broken-hearted
to a world so devoid of respite.

Cheryl KP

4 thoughts on “Within the Mirror

      1. You’re very welcome!!

        I like reading poems. I used to write a little myself many years ago… but then I have had a writers block or how you say it? English is not my first language so I get unsure sometimes about the words. If I get them right or the grammar …


      2. I do understand about the language issue but I read a lot of poems from writers in translations and, while there may be a more profound message to be understood with perfect interpretation, I usually am able to get the general picture that is being presented. Truth just seems to be understood among poets and people who really read. You should write some more! Thanks again.


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