Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair


Jack’s Kiss

Why shrink you so from my advances,
delicate bloom?
Do you find me so abhorrent;
you, who flourish in the face of
my cousin’s golden light?

Why do you hang your head in
cold silence?
Am I not worthy of your smile,
your scent, your soft and kind
morning face?

Why do you weep such hardened
tears for me?
Do you not know I am but a
fleeting stranger in your midst
that soon will retreat?

Why do you keep your silent vigil
for Springtime?
Do you not know that seasons
pass, must last, no matter
that you pray and weep?

Remember all your toils in vain
to stay my wintry breath
Do only make you spent more quickly-
fading even as the ice melts
to free your shackled form .

Why not allow my advances,
embrace me with your beauty
and fly to Summer’s end,
with you the victor, as its light
sends me back into the vapors..

Cheryl Pennington

I am always amazed at the longevity of roses, their ability to stave off Winter’s harsh hand for so long. Even encased in ice,  my little blooms continue to add beauty to my garden.  Brave soldiers of the Earth!

6 thoughts on “Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair

    1. Hello! Thank you. The image actually inspired the poem. Thats usually how it goes with me. Thanks for taking time to read. I hope all is going well with your own work. 🙂


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