Autumn of My Life


Autumn of My Life


Cheryl P

Fear Not!

The season calls to me.

No tears,

no reason to be slow,

for now your freedom calls.

In Spring

too busy blooming, you


to also nurture self,

pleasing others with your glow.


saw you fight the tide.

It etched

its work upon your brow

as you left footprints on the shore.


is not the time to cease,

the leaves

creating confetti for your life’s

ticker tape parade-a job well done!


the glow of twilight.


the golden hues of life,

renew your soul’s resolve.


need not come so swift.

Fear not

its cold, dark hand.



will be the delicate flakes

falling silently upon your world of dreams.

 Thanks for reading..hope your life has beautiful memories as you move through the seasons.  Enjoy each one for its value and experience; for there is beauty in every moment.

Love and Light

3 thoughts on “Autumn of My Life

  1. Spring arises, Summer surmises, Autumn reconciles, and Winter reconciles True to the Creator; Life’s cycles! I believe that my words reflect what you wrote so beautifully about the Seasons on Earth and within the Soul of Man. Sis (Lyz Bet) How I love your communication. Always IJN


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