Fear, Hope and Sorceress Visions/Forever Never



Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Cheryl KP

all rights reserved


As the Eternal Realm struggles with fear and resolution, love reigns supreme through the thought of the Creator, urging Its children to remember their source, their purpose, and to continue on with the plan already in motion…

On Dohman, the Sorceress searches in earnest for the wisdom of her Goddess Mother, finding comfort at last in her presence.  All too soon the vision fades, and she must face her task alone once more; but she moves with resolve and purpose.  There is a celebration at hand!

I hope you enjoy this installment of Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion. If you have any thoughts, comments, critiques or ideas, I would be happy to hear them. Please leave me a note. Thanks for reading.




Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


XXXVII Fear in the Realm
“I don’t trust him, Father!” It was Inion who pleaded with Mor on behalf of the new miracle on her world. “Already he has had his hand in events on Dohman, this even after he tried to destroy it!”   She had observed Ar’tine’s behavior when visiting Laoch with her twin on Dohman and felt his anger rising towards one of her world’s children.

Mor, knowing only perpetual Love and forgiveness, encouraged Its daughter to erase what was done from her thoughts. “As long as the vision of darkness and error lives in your soul and thought, it will be real.  If you can see Ar’tine as the beautiful Son he was created to be, then so might he be changed to reflect your Vision of Creation.”


Mac listened to this exchange and considered all that had passed before this moment.  He understood the error created by separation within his Son, as had been the way of Creation so far; and he knew that it had risen to an unacceptable proportion in the dark nature of Mac an Mor.  Still… hadn’t Mac an Mor proven through healing and loss that he, too, could be more, that he could deny the empty space and move in harmony with others in the Eternal Realm?  He had already risen above his new name and created with the Goddess Bandia.  Even now they appeared to be unified. It was from the Spirit of Unconditional Love that Ar’tine was allowed to continue his existence at all; and who was Mac to change that fate?  Inion’s twin knew that with one whisper to Spiorad Mor, he could return his Son to the Light from which he had been drawn.  But Mac continued to look for the beauty within his Creation, even in the face of its darkness, just as he had seen it within his dark world of Dohman Eile. It was different. They were different. And he could control it. Hadn’t he proven that, even during his visit to Laoch through his dream, when Ar’tine’s darkness was restless?  After all, Mac reasoned,  Ar’tine was merely feeling unappreciated by his own Creation. 


So, whether it was his great love for his original creation in Mac an Mor or the new sensation of power he felt over his dark Son which drove him, Mac remained silent.


Perhaps only Mor knew the truth. It also knew that in the Eternal Realm nothing was ever lost, only returned to where it had originated.  All these sensations were invigorating to Eternal Essence.  But within these sensations were brought  every single emotion-pain, pleasure, thought and intent-all  borne into  Consciousness.  All sensations were appreciated, but some were unbearable and could not be allowed to exist in the name of the Love which created the All That Is. Great Spirit would watch. It always watched. It was enough for the moment. It sought to encourage Its Children, “Let us all enjoy and welcome the new life on Dohman.  Much depends on the soul we have prepared for your world, my Daughter.”
“Be as my voice…”


XXXVIII The Sorceress’s Vision

Several cycles had passed since the infant born of M’na and Fireann took its first breath of life.  This new young male was already growing stronger. Eagna helped M’na in the way of caring for her infant son, while Naofa had been preparing the inner Garden for the Sanctification with blessings and purification. With her ability to shape shift, she communed with the natural living things there to participate and to know this child of the First Couple even as they knew their Keepers. They would be its Protectors when no one else was near. She spent much time in meditation, calling upon the goddess Bandia in an attempt to commune directly with her own Mother.  Not since the child’s birth had she heard her the voice of the feminine.  Naofa always felt her presence, but never before had she been unable to call forth her form.


  It was on dark night, under the fullness of a brightly lit moon, that she had a vision of the Goddess.   As her breath became stilled and her body floated, Naofa found herself bathing in the gentle waves of her ocean home, where cool waters enveloped her naked form, and her skin glowed in the moonlight. Up and down she dipped in the foam, washing the heat of the day away and cleansing her body in the salty depths.  As she rose to the surface a final time, she heard a great splash behind her as the waters rose, lifting her body.. The sound did not alarm her, for she often swam with creatures in the sea, both great and small.  This moment was different, somehow; and as she turned to greet her new companion, she was overcome with awe at the mystery unfolding before her eyes.  As the indigo waters receded, she could make out a form rising from the depths, brilliant in color and sleek in form.  It appeared as an enormous fish at first, silvery and smooth; but as the moonlight touched its head, she began to see features forming on its scaly face. The eyes, at first black as night, lit up as bright as the sun over Dohman so that she could scarcely look into them.  A wide, gaping mouth narrowed to a soft oval with full lips wrapped around it.  A slender nose emerged where there was only a row of whiskers before.  The transformation continued down its belly as the vision drew itself into the curved, shapely form of a female with full breasts.  Naofa watched, transfixed, as its fins elongated into slender arms, arms that the creature spread out and upward to the fullness of the moon.  That is where the transformation ended.  The She Creature splashed her glimmering scaled tail upon the water; and Naofa could see the colors of the rainbow and beyond, all dancing upon the gentle waves around them. They were enveloped by color!  This was the most beautiful creature Naofa had ever beheld and knew in her soul that it was her Goddess Mother.


As soon as Bandia began to speak, the waves ceased their rolling, all of life fell silent, and the very air became as a vacuum around them.  The Sorceress felt suspended as though tethered to the vision by a fine point of light. Then It spoke.


 “My magnificent daughter, Naofa, we are very pleased with the unfolding of Life in The Garden.  Our greatest hope is manifesting here with the birth of this child. We know you have labored along with the couple;  but I must tell you that your task has only just begun.  The physical care of this Son of Humankind will be in the hands of his parents, but his soul remains in our care. His understanding of his purpose will be taught by the one who comes from the mountains. You will know this man by his feathered head. You must trust him, for he, too, knows of the history of the Eternal Realm.  He will be your consort and comfort in the burden you may bear together someday.  There will be another with him.  The ways of the Warrior will be taught to Dohman’s Son by the one who comes from the Land of the Cliffs.  He is strong, cunning and a worthy teacher, yet he is tender of heart.”

The silence seemed to envelope them more closely and the goddess’s voice fell to a whisper. Naofa was certain at this point that she felt, rather than heard, her Mother’s next words. “You must also keep close watch over this warrior.  He was created with the help of the God you know as Ar’tine.”

Naofa felt a jolt within her body, and her pulse quickened. She had been told of The God’s birth and of his selfish desire which led to the destruction of his own daughter.  She could not imagine him having anything at all to do with their miracle. Bandia knew her daughter’s heart and quickly sought to ease her fears.


“Ar’tine has been to a place of great healing and transformation.  All of the Realm feels deep love for the son of Creation.  But the act of separation and its effects are very real in the seat of the soul; and we cannot be certain even with careful creation what might have been seeded within the Warrior known as Laoch. Be ever watchful and care for him. Love will always be your wisest counsel. If ever you take up a weapon against another human, you must search your heart for the reason.  If your quarrel be for anything other than protection, then it will be darkness which is driving your intent. You have been gifted with great power, and you must protect it from those who would use it to gain control.  Even the knowledge of your power makes you vulnerable to those who might come forward to use you, and IT, through you.  Be vigilant in your preparedness.”


Naofa felt a shift in her Mother’s energy and saw the Light  within her eyes flicker for an instant as her form seemed to quiver before the Sorceress, her voice seeming to fade. 


 “Now I leave you to begin your service as Watcher and Comforter to the new soul which has joined the life of Dohman.  Stay always near to him.  My power in the physical fades.”   As if to prove this, her form became transparent and the Sorceress could see the ocean waves rolling behind it. The goddess sought to reassure her daughter that she would always be with her.


“It will still be possible for you to see me in visions and through the life and Essence of your world.  Something has happened with the increasing presence of human life on Dohman.  The veil grows heavier between our worlds. You, also,  must be as my voice when they can no longer hear meee…”  Her voice trailed off as she spoke the last syllable, fading into the sounds of water, now beginning to churn once more.    The creature lifted her great tail from the water.  Then, in a flash of rainbow hues as the creature rose into full view under the moonlight for a brief moment, her Mother smiled and, turning, disappeared beneath the cobalt seas once more. The surface became as still as the night sky.  Naofa knew the vision was fading, but as it slipped away, she thought she saw something in the light that reflected off the dark water’s surface. It was the smallest glint of red, like firelight against the dark. It flashed briefly but brilliantly, and just as quickly it was gone; however, that simple glint struck terror into her soul and she would not soon forget the feeling.


She awoke to a day of purpose and promise, and Naofa was at peace in her preparations.

I want to thank any and all of you who have taken the time to read my words, look at my photos and share my heart. It meas so much to any of us, here on this tiny speck in the universe, to be heard and hopefully, understood.  As humans we indeed need one another.  If you visit, please leave me a comment if you would like. I would love to hear from you!
If you are reading for the first time and wish to read the previous chapters, go to the Search bar and type in the title, Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion, and the list will come up. The oldest chapters will be near the bottom.
Love and Light!


2 thoughts on “Fear, Hope and Sorceress Visions/Forever Never

  1. Love the story line. Would really enjoy feeling more involved with the characters…. They seem rather flat to me where I am certain in your mind they are very alive and full but I am not (for some reason) able to “connect” with your picture of who they are, why they are as they are or interacting as they are etc. Hope that makes sense. I would love to really get into the (behind the scenes) reasons for each person in the stories reactions. Thank you for sharing your story with us. KEEP WRITING… you have a gift and a wonderful story as an avenue to present it to the world. Hugs, Sho xoxoxoxo


    1. Thank you for the feedback. I REALLY appreciate it. Have you read from the very first chapter? I give the background story there, where it began. But I have to add that part of the point of this piece is indeed to show how emotion evolved from the source of only Unconditional Love which does not have a lot of extraneous emotion attached to it. The characters do express more fully as time progresses. I hope you will catch future chapters and let me know what you think. Thanks again!


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