Wisdom Meets Strength/Hunter and Warrior Unite



Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Cheryl P.



As the story continues, Eolas enters the land of the Warrior so that they might continue on to Foirfeachta where the others await their arrival.  Soon will be the time for celebration and ceremony.  If only they could be certain the Darkness which torments existence were really healed within this child, the first human born upon their world….



Hunter and Warrior Unite

Laoch returned Eolas’ greeting with his own upraised arm,  at first forming a fist, then extending his fingers into a wave as had become his customary greeting, even to animals that he lived among. If his fist remained closed, it was no greeting at all, other than a call to engage in contest.  This was how he hunted. As the other male grew closer, Laoch realized he was tall and muscular in form. Now that he was close, he did not seem so ridiculous as he had only moments earlier, like a life-sized waving bird crossing the field.

   Eolas extended a hand to Laoch, and the latter returned the gesture with gusto as they tested one another’s strength through handshake. It was a friendly male exchange which would become a ritual between them.

It was Eolas broke the silence, “I am Eolas of the Riverland. I serve as Guide and Hunter upon Dohman. I live among the mountains. There,”  he said, pointing a long, dark finger in the direction where the sun fell behind the rocky mountains of Laoch’s homeland.
“Welcome to my land of cliffs,” returned the Warrior as he motioned for his guest to sit with him near the now smoldering fire. “This is a good time to meet, is it not?”

 Realizing that Laoch neither feared nor questioned his presence there, Eolas continued. “You know why I have come, then?  You, too, have seen the vision of the Creator which heralds the coming of Dohman’s first born human child.”

 Laoch, who had continued securing the last of his bundles for travel, now looked into the eyes of the Hunter. He could see the solemn nature with which he had posed the question.  “Yes, the Creators visited me in a dream last night,” Laoch began.  “One appeared to look as you do now, as a colorful bird; but it was mighty and fearsome in its appearance.” He spread his arms to imitate the creature’s immense size before he continued, “It spoke of your coming and of our walking the path together to Foirfeachta so that we can greet the newborn child and participate in the ceremony of welcome. Is this as you understand it to be?”

Eolas nodded, knowing he needn’t question Laoch further. Surely they had both known the same vision and the message was clear.  They were to leave immediately to go to the Garden where they would greet the new family.  He helped Laoch finish his own preparations before gathering the things he had brought.  

Finally they began the descent from the cliff dwelling where the warrior lived; and as they neared the base of the cliff, Laoch turned to Eolas and asked, “What was the nature of your vision?”

Eolas shared the vision of the Great bird that had visited him, that it was his Creator who spoke to him, and that the Light in Its eyes was so great that he could not look directly into them for its brilliance. It had been this strange and wonderful bird who told him of the child’s coming and who sent him to meet Laoch before making the journey to the Garden. 

Laoch thought this was indeed a miracle and all must be of truth.  He was thoughtful for a moment before he spoke.  “But what of the shadow creature?” he asked his new feather headed friend. “Was he as lowly and dark in your vision as he was in my own?”

Eolas was genuinely confused and returned with his own question, “What shadow creature is it that you speak of?  The bird was of himself alone.”

The Warrior suddenly felt conspicuous and didn’t care to seem strange to his new companion.   Somewhere deep inside he hoped that it was indeed just an imagination, so Loach simply shrugged and said nothing more about it. They finished the climb downward and headed out across the sandy grasslands towards Foirfeachta and the miracle.

Laoch whistled through his teeth and commented on the animals and trees they spotted as they walked. Although Eolas feigned interest with an occasional comment of his own, he was preoccupied with Laoch’s last question as they left the cliffs. The Hunter had not seen any shadow creature in his own vision, but he was well aware of that dark legacy that had been born in the Eternal Realm before his own birth on Dohman.  Nothing had been said of Laoch in connection with Ar’tine; and his new friend seemed quite harmless and very eager to participate in the sanctification of their miracle child. Still….he would have to keep eyes and ears open now, for he felt a twinge of anxiety that he could not yet name as the virulent seeds of darkness reached their hungry fingers toward the Lighted world of Dohman….


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