Thumbing through some art and journal pages, I found a few poems I had forgotten.  I would like to share them here.  This is the first.



by Cheryl P.

My heart, like an empty goblet,

longs to be filled to the brim


Your touch, as intoxicating as any

liquor man might create

could fill me so.

My hands, like the wind through the trees,

long to caress your body,

and feel it quiver

as the leaves quiver beneath the

touch of the breeze.

My body, like a song with no music,

longs for the rhythm of yours.

Movement for movement, changing the notes

at will.

My life, like an unfinished novel,

pages clean and empty,

longs for your to lift the pen and write the story,

but how will it end?

I am happy to say he did come back to me and we continue to write the story of our lives together-and what a piece of work that is!

I wish for all of you to find fulfillment and comfort.  There seems to always be an ache for us humans, even when we are complete.  Searching, ever searching to feel whole again.  If only we can still our minds, calm our spirits, and listen for the voice of God, we will remember that we have never been alone-not for one second.

Love and Light…

What do you think?

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