Masked Stranger…my introduction to the Wood Stork


Welcome to Daytona Beach, Florida!

What a sunrise huh?  While here on business and a short vacation, I am taking advantage of every opportunity to snap photos of the wonderful wildlife and scenery here.  We lived here “once upon a time” and miss it a lot.  This visit we are very fortunate to be staying on the beach. I caught this beautiful sunrise and was awed with the seagulls lined along the shore, greeting the new day.

In just two short days, I have had the joy of photographing several new birds that I have not previously seen; and I want to share those photos with you here.  This one was one of the most unusual for me and definitely a first in that I never even knew of this bird prior to yesterday; but it definitely ranks in the regal category for me.  Meet the Wood Stork.


We first spotted them when entering a little mobile home village in Port Orange where they were gathered behind a little Asian restaurant, presumably awaiting tidbits from the cooks in the kitchen who could be seen through the open door, busily cooking.


There were actually around a dozen, which I assume qualifies them as a “flock” but they were sort of spread out.  As I stepped outside my vehicle and began to approach them, most of the birds quietly dispersed while one began to approach me with a decidedly aggressive air.  I felt a small tinge of apprehension as I began taking photos, but it merely came within a a few feet, curious about my interest.  It did seem to be protective of the others; and as long as I stayed on my side of the walkway it did not become any more aggressive.


It was another lovely moment for me with some amazing birds, where I could feel their own curiosity, tolerance and even a sense of appreciation for what I was doing.  I feel they understand that my quest is to simply show the world their beauty, their grace, and amazing personalities.


So, behold the Wood Stork, a bird I previously was unaware of; and a big thank you to my friends at the Bird Photography group for helping me to identity it, especially Susan Wilkinson and Bill Coulter.


Stay tuned….I will be posting photos of the other lovely birds I encountered on our trip.  Happy Monday!

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