Whispers and Feathers

 Whispers and Feathers
Feathers have been a significant part of my life for many years now; so it is not surprising to me that I feel such an affinity for birds.  It is rather like the chicken or the egg conundrum for me, however.  I believe birds to be messengers from the other worlds and am not certain if feathers brought birds eventually or if the birds were there all along and perhaps they left the feathers to draw my attention to their magnificence.  At any rate, they have become a symbol to me, one that inspires me to write, to embrace the small things for which I am thankful and for the miracles that are simply awaiting recognition!  May you all have miracles in your days and feathers of hope in your lives.

Whispers of love
shared in the dark
  across cool, damp linens
    casting exotic shadows upon
      long walls.
Whispers of hope
murmured in earnest
  to the stars in the darkness
    drifting upward as a chorus into
      the Creator’s heart.
Whispers of Peace
among harbingers of commerce
  between parents and children, siblings and friends
    lover to lover of eternal faith
      as nations vow allegiance and honor.
The silent cries of Mother Earth
beneath the warmth of Grandfather Sun
  smiling in the arms of Father Sky
    as Grandmother Moon weeps her silvery tears for
 The Whispers….


4 thoughts on “Whispers and Feathers

  1. This is so beautiful Cheryl. I have a small collection of feathers on my desk where I write and I do feel I gather inspiration from them. I’m going to gather more Owl feathers. 😊. Blessings. Susan ❤


    1. Thank you, Susan. I am happy it touched you. I have many feathers but only one owl feather so far. It means so much to me as owl is one of my Spirit animals. We are, indeed, all connected. I enjoy reading your words as well. I wish you many owl feathers and endless inspiration…


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