The Lights Before Christmas


The Lights Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas

and Dad understood

The magical spell of the glow

in the ‘hood.


Each lawn was ablaze

with twinkling lights

While billowing Santas

danced with delight.


Mama was ready

to jump in the car

And cruise back in time where

sweet memories are.


As they slowly rode up

and down every street

She could scarcely sit still

in the warmth of her seat


Her mind racing  back

to the time she was young

The trees they’d adorned

and the stockings they’d hung


Singing Christmas Carols

as they sat on the floor

Using sheet music that came

from the Holsum Bread Store


This night was no different

with camera in hand

Cuz Mom needed pictures

for internet land


Snapping the shutter

again and again

She captured the magic

she viewed through the lens


They laughed and shared stories

of Christmases past

The holiday highlights-the time

it flew fast!


Their own children grown

and now out of the house

Truly nothing was stirring,

not even a mouse


How silent was the night

without those small tots

Avoiding their beds

knowing Santa brought lots


Too excited to sleep

they would finally fall

With visions of reindeer

heeding the Red Master’s call


Now Dasher, Now Dancer,

Now Prancer and Vixen!

On Comet, On Cupid,

On Donner and Blitzen!


Twinkling reindeer

that pranced upon lawns

She blinked back the tears

for Christmases gone


She turned her attention

to the twinkling once more

And thought of the children

behind all the doors


New memories continue

with each passing age

The Lights Before Christmas!

A magical stage…


Merry Christmas to All….


And to all a

Good Night!

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