The Pelican Party

Okay, so on this past Wednesday I felt a tugging at my soul to get out and take some photos.  It had been over a week and I just felt the need.  Not that the weather was lovely-it was cold and gray.  I had decided that even if I took photos of dead leaves and brown grass, then perhaps that was what needed to be recognized. 

So, we got in the car and drove to the lake-the same one where I had my Heron Prince Affair-and I kept my soul fingers crossed.  The Universe did not disappoint as before we got close I could see the white mounds that I knew had to be birds, many of them.  They turned out to be White Pelicans, a variety not so common around here in huge clusters.  I grabbed the camera and was out of the car before we finished parking.  I made a large circle around so as not to spook them; but truthfully they didn’t seem to mind me at all, stealthy as I was, until I got close enough for them to hear the clicking sounds of the shutter.  I find birds don’t mind humans as much as they dislike the clicking and the reflection of the camera lens, both things which might easily be mistaken for hunting implications-a trigger being cocked or the light reflection off of a scope.

I put together a slide show for you of the best of my efforts-their beauty and grace-in the form of a slide show.  No other commentary is necessary.  These birds have come to mean so much to me.  I hope you can appreciate the personality and charm that I see in their eyes.


They didn’t seem to mind my approach, as long as I moved slowly….

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7 thoughts on “The Pelican Party

      1. Im not sure if I have ever seen any of those. We have brown pelicans here as a rule, but migration brought in many white ones and they are just beautiful. I love birds. Im so glad you visited my blog.


      2. Oh thank you so much. I am happy to have you here and thanks for following. Glad you like the art. Ive been writing so much that my art was being neglected until I created a couple of pieces to represent my novel characters. I hope you enjoy looking around.


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