Sorrow Finds M’na…the Tale of Darkness Told


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington



As Eagna prepares the Mother-to-be for the challenge ahead, she unveils the truth of the darkness which lies within the seat of the soul.  A story is told…and it shakes the Mother of Dohman from her world of safe feelings, awakening the voices that lie within her own place of emptiness and yet strengthening her resolve to bring perfection to humankind with the birth of her child…..

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

Eagna arrives in Foirfeachta where Fireann and M’na eagerly await the arrival of their first-born, the child on which is pinned the Hope of Eternity, but she has a story to tell…….

XXXI  Eagna’s Message
  “In the place before Consciousness, there was only Essence. We, all of Its Creations, are the desire of that Essence, brought forth to fulfill Its great loneliness.  As a result of the separation of Spirit when we were brought into being as souls, there was something left incomplete within each of us, a sort of empty space. It presents an illusion of separation, although we are always and have always been, a part of Great Spirit.  Before this effect was realized by Spiorad Mor,  Creation began with the Original Twin Essence, with each one having this sense of emptiness buried deeply within.  Each grew to recognize it, although in differing ways, as it manifested itself within their consciousness, but sadly, not before there was grave error.  One half of the twin Essence, the Father of Dohman Eile-our Mother’s  twin, began to create with intense energy drawn from this place of emptiness. It manifested within his own nature as pride, anger and jealousy, which he perceived in conscious thought as a need for recognition and greatness.  The  effect of this need for importance was born-and magnified in his own Creation, in one who could not contain the intense fire that fed its new soul.  It sprung into existence pushing this essence forth, causing a devastation to the world of Mother Inion that she could only perceive as a great sense of betrayal.

  Since that time, both have recognized the error of their perceptions and remain in constant awareness to not be led by their place of separation.  Sadly, this emptiness was not recognized in time enough to prevent its legacy from being passed on to their own creations, both in the Eternal and…. then within those of flesh and blood.”

  M’na felt the blood coursing wildly through her veins as something bitter worked its way up her throat.  With her heart pounding against her breast, she swallowed hard and managed a hoarse whisper, “So there is an emptiness within us? Why do we not feel it?” M’na turned to touch Fireann, responding to a sudden need for something constant.  Eagna  moved quickly to comfort her. “It is not yet evident in you that we know of.   But there is one on the other world…”

  M’na couldn’t contain her anxiety.  “What other world?  I did not know there was another world or that there were others created in flesh and blood anywhere but here on Dohman!  Why have we not heard of them? Why can’t we know them?” She was beginning to tremble with excitement tinged by something else…something foreign to her emotional system.

  Eagna reached out to take M’na’s hand in her own and gently stroked it with the other as she spoke. “The son of Inion’s twin is mighty and powerful indeed. At birth he was full. Full of anger, full of bitterness and full of himself.  He thirsted for the power he felt would give him recognition in the eyes of Spiorad Mor, a delusion that had been born in the empty space of his own Father’s soul.  Through his cunning and trickery, he was allowed to create a human on Dohman Eile… a female.  She was born into the darkness of His world and she grew there, to know and love her God as he was.  Then, just as you, M’na, became lonely for companionship, so did she.  Mother Bandia consulted with Inion before bringing Fireann into being so that he would be more complete, even with the knowledge that you have the same empty space within you that was created at the time you moved away from the Goddess mother. When Mac’s son created As’me, he refused to recognize the empty space as something in error. He chose to nurture and feed it. He used it to gain more power, but the only thing he truly had any power over was own his creation. When she became lonely, he promised to Create a companion for her, just as Bandia did for you-with Fireann.”

  Eagna gave a gentle nod in the direction of the male at M’na’s side. “But he deceived his beloved Creation and the result was nothing like your own companion.”

  M’na’s heart beat wildly now; and even with the touch of Eagna to calm her, she spoke in rapid bursts.”But…tell us! How can this be? We have been so happy here…together! What does this mean for the child I bring into being? We knew this was a time for the miracle of completeness.. but..never did we know what was to be if the miracle failed.  There is so much to think of now.. when can we meet this other human?  Where is she now? Did her Father leave her alone without a companion? How do we help her?!” Her voice now tinged with hysteria, the Mother of Dohman was feeling protective of the companion world, even as she had always felt of her own.

  This time Eagna grasped both of M’na’s trembling hands within her own.  She held them firmly as she spoke with soothing conviction, “Listen to me now, daughter of Spirit.  In the arrogance of self-absorption and lust, Mac’s son did not create a companion for As’me.”  She took a deep breath, tightened her hold on the female’s hands and continued, spilling the rest of the story quickly, lest she turn from the task.  “He had no desire to fulfill his daughter’s request.  Instead, he changed his own form to resemble that of another.”   Neither noticed Eagna as she briefly shot a glance at Fireann.  “Mac en M’or, although he appeared human in form, was in truth only half man…and still half  God.”  Eagna choked back her own emotion now as she took a breath before going on.  “H.h..he caused a great drowsiness to overcome his As’me..she did not know what he was doing..he wanted to create with her.”  M’na gasped and tried to pull away as the weight of understanding enveloped her but Eagna held tightly as she finished the telling.  “It wasn’t his plan to harm his daughter, but it all went horribly against him. His desire was too out of control; and this unchecked power from the Eternal realm was too much for her physical body. The fire within his own soul became as hot coals to her flesh…he lost control of himself, deaf to all but his soul’s cry for power…he couldn’t even hear her cries of agony.”  Eagna released M’na’s hands and let them fall to her sides.  She touched the round belly where humankind’s hope was sleeping and whispered,  “It was Spiorad Mor who, in the name of the Unconditional Love which It feels for all of Its creations, pulled the dark one from her body and from Dohman Eile to relieve As’me from his attack. Mac was too disconnected from his own son to have foreseen the dark plan before it was being put into motion. He has grieved greatly.”

  M’na tried to speak, but the words came out in great gasps, “Then!  She is saved. We…must offer…comfort…” She started as if to rise and do something-anything to change what she felt now.  Seeing M’na’s great agitation and increasing distress with each word she spoke, Eagna put a hand on her shoulder to settle the mother to be. M’na opened her mouth to speak again, but the Woman of Wisdom pressed a slender finger gently to her lips.  She looked deeply into M’na’s eyes and waited for her to relax.  Taking a deep breath, she finished the tale, quickly and without stopping.

  “It was too late for As’me.  She was suffering greatly when Mor called Its son to return from the inner Realm to tend to his Daughter; but it was Mac who withdrew her soul and allowed her body to die so she would no longer suffer pain.” M’na was crying now, a glistening stream of tears flowing down her flushed cheeks. She had never felt anything like this before.

(It was a new sensation for all, this pain of loss felt by the Mother of Dohman. Created as an Eternal being she had never contemplated an end to physical existence.  Empathy joined the chorus of voices that began to cry out from the core of M’na’s soul)

  Eagna wiped at M’na’s tears with the tips of her fingers. “You can be consoled in knowing that her soul was taken to the farthest reaches of Eternity, where the core of Essence sits; and there, in the glow of Unconditional Love,  it went through a great time of cleansing and healing.  Now it awaits the time when it can return to the physical world in another form to know the life that it could not in the time of its original birth.”

  This seemed to calm M’na somewhat, as did Fireann’s arm placed gently across her trembling shoulders.  Eagna glanced at the strong male beside the Mother of Dohman just in time to see him wipe away his own tears of pain with the palm of his free hand.  She understood why the pair was chosen to bring this miracle into being. It simply must be the miracle all hoped for…her mind wandered to the possibilities for a brief moment before pulling it back to the task before her.

  “So you see, my beautiful Children of the Garden, it was with careful planning and union of Spirit that the soul of your child has been nurtured and fashioned.   The intent of Eternity is to diminish the point of separation so that it becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the soul, leaving it complete in Unconditional Love and Light. It is an experiment, of course, and it’s success will depend on both of you. As this child’s keepers you are blessed with the knowledge that you each entered this Creation with your own empty space. It will be a challenge to control, but to not deny, these dark spaces.  If successful, all in the Realm of Eternity will be joyful.  You must understand, however, that even those who do function in error as they succumb to the voice of darkness are just as loved as those who do not. Mor knows only Love for Its creations, so there is no judgment in error; but there is always pain for those involved.  As you were created, so shall you create.  Mor only asks that you create in Love and Harmony with Essence.”

  Seeing the furrows slowly melting from M’na’s brow and feeling certain she was calmed, Eagna continued, “This child will be very different from you in that it has been better prepared for accepting its own place of emptiness; and you will learn much from it.  It will be your task to nurture, raise and care for the child entrusted to you;  but it will in turn teach you many things about yourselves that you do not yet even comprehend. Remember there is always help for you from your Creators.  Teach your child the ways of counsel and meditation and it will open the doors to Eternity for humankind.  It is difficult in this world to remember where we came from. With every cycle of the sun and moon passing,  the veil between eternity and Dohman grows heavier. This means we must be diligent in keeping the door of communication open between both worlds. Those in the Realm can always hear us, even when we can no longer hear them; and they will always answer the call for Love, the earnest cry for help. But you must also remember that help may not always appear in the form most expected.”

  Eagna reached up and stroked M’na’s hair gently with one hand and touched Fireann’s arm with the other.  Both were calm now as they looked into each other’s eyes.  No words were spoken but in their gaze was the promise that as long as there was breath between them they would honor these words and protect their child and their world.

  They enjoyed lighter conversation in the time that passed after the  revelation.  M’na prepared a meal for Eagna in the way of the Garden; and while they ate, Eagna described her life in the mountains and relayed the events of her journey with Ba mor, the Great White Beast.  She told of her pleasant visit with Eolas and of how she had been “escorted” by the warrior Laoch in secret.  She laughed as she told them she never let on to the stalker that she was aware of his presence. When Fireann heard the story he grinned and said, “It would be natural for the Warrior’s soul to stalk and protect.”

  There was much peace and harmony as they moved through the cycle’s end. Eagna made a fire in the clearing which, only a short while ago, would have seemed amazing to the Garden Couple; but Eolas and Laoch had shown them how to do this when they were with M’na and Fireann. They never knew need of fire in this perfect place before; but they found it intriguing and made certain sure they could manage the feat, for surely it would be handy when the moment of need should arrive.

  Once the fire was glowing, Eagna placed a large, hollowed  rock upon it and placed within it a bundle of sage. She pulled a glowing stick from the flames,  and with it she lit the herb, inquiring where the child would sleep.  M’na brought her inside the newly made dwelling where Eagna took out another bundle of sage that she had wound and loosely bound.  Returning to the fire, she lit the end of this bundle and re-entered the dwelling as it smoldered in her hand, slowly filling the space with a heady smoke.  M’na was curiously comforted by this process as she asked what the purpose was.   Eagna assured her this would help to purify the space and bless it for the coming child.

  Next, she asked Fireann to get her some fresh water from the nearby creek which he did unquestioningly.  Eagna marveled at the easy manner of the Garden couple, so trusting and faithful. When Fireann returned with the water, she rinsed the hollow rock with it and scraped out the residue from the burnt sage. Next, she gently tore lavender sprigs into pieces and placed them in the bowl to which she added a measure of the fresh water and replaced it over the fire.   Soon it was boiling gently; and she left it to do so as they turned to reverently watch the sun fall behind the trees that surrounded their home. The scent of the bubbling lavender had a calming effect on all of them; and soon they were yawning and ready to close their eyes to this long and eventful cycle.

  The white tiger, who had been absent during the events which had passed, presumably to hunt, had returned and positioned herself at the foot of the steps that led to the shelter.  The couple was making ready to lie down for the night in their usual way beneath the stars when Eagna stated flatly and without room for question,  “M’na and Fireann, you should sleep in your shelter tonight.”  Neither asked why and proceeded to pull their mats into the shelter and make ready to sleep.  The idea was suddenly appealing to M’na; for sleep had been eluding the mother-to-be as of late due to her large girth and anticipation.

  Perhaps it was the sage, the lavender, or sheer exhaustion from the emotions of the day; but tonight she would fall asleep without any difficulty. Eagna had her own animal skin  which she had brought with her, a gift from Eolas when she departed his home. When she told the couple where she had gotten the skin, they smiled and told her to make herself at home in his dwelling across the clearing. The Wise Woman settled in for the night, thinking of the male who had slept there before her and of all that had been her life so far. She felt very peaceful.

  The moon was full and she spoke to Mother Bandia before closing her eyes, “Mother, give us the strength to fulfill Eternity’s greatest desire in manifesting Love on Dohman.”  Nearby a night owl called out to the starlit skies. Eagna smiled to herself.

  Within the new shelter, M’na and Fireann held each other for a time, feeling somewhat awkward in this new setting, but comforted by the presence of Eagna and her companion only a short distance away.  Both fell asleep whispering prayers for guidance and strength to keep Love alive on Dohman. All enjoyed a deep and peaceful sleep…for a time..


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