A Warrior for the World…Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington


The Creators from the Realm bring forth one last Helper for the family in the Garden.  Working together, god and goddess will create a Warrior, a male so mighty and yet so vulnerable that even he is uncertain of his true nature.  Meet Laoch, Warrior of the Cliff Lands of Dohman, friend, protector and son of the greatest forces of light and dark within his physical world…

XXV Laoch

If Ar’tine had entertained any hope of being left completely on his own for this project, he was to suffer the first of not a few disappointments in his struggle to leave his imprint.   How long must he endure this endless expectation?  He was reminded of his sin once again when his father decreed that his turn at creation would need a guiding force.  The God of pain would not be allowed to create alone until it became evident that he had indeed perfected the ability to draw from his own inner light source, thus rising above the darkness that coveted his soul.

So it was that Bandia would co-create with Ar’tine on Inion’s Dohman, just as they had on other worlds.  The decision was unanimous within the realm that their creation would be a male human.   It was understood, of course, that A’rtine possessed the ability to inspire sheer brute power; and this gift would be given to the male they now called forth.  He would have great physical prowess and a cunning ability to plan, protect and defend…should that need arise. Dohman was, after all, a peaceful world. That is what bored its most recent visitor so very much….

Eventually Ar’tine would indeed know his own greatness in Creation but not in the way that he would have desired at that moment.  God and goddess decided their son would rise from the red earth that covered the land where the cliffs rose into the blue sky.  From there in that rocky, barren place, he would serve as physical protector of all that he could see…and beyond if necessary.

This was the most barren and dry land of Dohman, the part damaged most by Ar’tine’s birth cries, where the waters were sloshed from their muddy vessels and the winds rent great chasms into the land.  The sun with which Mac had gifted Inion’s world, in his haste to gain a morsel of forgiveness and redemption, had made it more than arid.  Still, as on all of Dohman, there was beauty and reprieve from the heat of day with cool showers and warm breezes at night.  Many things grew and flourished even in this hot part of the world; and the food supply was plentiful.  Rugged mountains cut across the sky, forming a vast valley below-mountains with deep tunneled caverns and tree-dotted peaks.  It was as a fortress-and how fitting, thought Ar’tine, for his Creation to be drawn from this powerful energy and live within it.

The God was eager to begin; so with Bandia nearby (and all of Eternity holding its collective breath), he caused the sand and rock to rise.  He cradled their energy in his hands as he swirled it, gently at first, so that every particle of dust, rock and twig that was a part of the whirlwind could be seen and felt.  Then he began spinning it faster and faster, drawing in fiery energy from that sun which burned brightest here in this place.  A fire blazed within the center of the vortex; and Ar’tine felt his own burning power surging upward from his core, ready to match it. The sensation was ecstasy to him and he would have succumbed to his need for greater sensation but for a gentle hand on his shoulder that reminded him to caution himself when drawing from those fiery, dark and lowly places.  Annoyed at the disruption to his process(and the kick to his creative buzz), he was nevertheless “checked” and so squelched the desire to ingite the energy he so longed to infuse within this human.

Turning to the rocky crags that cradled the land, he drew form which he chiseled into striking features upon a large, round head.  The human nose was prominent and the eyes deep-set.  He laid upon its head a mass of course, dark hair, thick and fur-like. His male was broad-shouldered, muscular, and dark of skin to help him withstand the elements in this part of Dohman. Mac’s Sun had settled itself closest to this land, making it incredibly hot during the day; but as night fell, the heat gave way to the chilliest nights.  Even with the great repair by Inion this could not be changed.

Within the dusty cyclone Ar’tine was creating could now be seen the form this human was taking.  The Pride of seeing the male growing before him nurtured that now well seated vine within the god’s Essence that traveled a forked journey.  It now whispered lies of jealousy that conjured fearful images for Ar’tine.
What if his Creation were greater than himself?

This was absolute misplaced perception on more than one level, and it was this lie that continued to drive Ar’tine and hinder his progress. The lying voice was his dearest companion and constant consort.  So it was, that quickly and deftly, so that none other in the Eternal Realm could perceive it (except for Mor, of course), he planted a key within this male.  A key that would unlock a window. It was his own personal safety net should all who now feigned love for him decide to turn intention towards his destruction rather than salvation…should any of them try to betray him again.  The next time he would be ready.

(Mor thought he might never be ready).

He quickly drew Bandia in as a distraction, for she was closest to him and might likely sense his plan, “Now, dearest Bandia, if you will assist with the Light…For as we all know…light is not exactly my strong suit.”

Not noticing his sardonic implication or the sarcasm in his tone, she moved toward their new son.  In her own state of self delusion, Bandia heard only her own inner voice as it whispered lovely promises of recognition; and she succumbed to the seductive call that fed her Vanity.   The request by her beloved god simply ignited her own fiery passions.

So it was, that without a second glance, she quickly responded to the Dark One’s request.  Drawing from within herself and the strong Light of Eternity she nurtured, she blew into the dusty whirlwind, filling its form with the Essence of Fairness and Honor.  This man would be faithful to His Creators, to the Family in the Garden and to all of its descendents.  He would stop at nothing to protect the Light on Dohman. Being brought forth from the place of strongest light in this world, it would be within him and around him wherever he went.

Bandia reached to the skies for the brilliant blue color of his eyes-eyes that would transfix or hypnotize; and when the time arrived, he would understand this gift.  This would be his true gift of power that brute strength could not match.  She wanted Ar’tine to understand that true power is in the strength of love that flows from within and not measured in terms of mere physical stamina.

As she turned to her beloved god, he smiled patiently at the one eternal being he trusted; for he truly did understand the message she sought to convey. Then again,  he knew he had a key to the backdoor of this one, and that would give him access to all the powers this male might possess.  And how clever he had been, he thought, with all the eternal world of Light expecting him to create something wickedly aggressive and brutish.  They never thought the very undoing of this man’s strength could lie in that which they held so dear.  All in time if it must be so. All in time.

Bandia and Ar’tine moved in unison then slowing the winds as their creation descended to the sands below.  He was indeed magnificent to look upon, the goddess admitted with a sense of pride.  His dark, sinewy body looked as though it could crush the very rocks he stood upon.

Boldly, he looked up at his Creators and shouted, “My lungs are full of fire!  My blood courses as in a rage within my flesh!  I am ablaze!”

Ar’tine was the first to speak to his Son with a nonchalant wave of his hand,  “Well, then, you may go and cool yourself in the water that runs through your land. It will douse the fire that brings you to life.”  Ar’tine looked about him at the near desolate conditions of his son’s new home and felt not just a little envious of the life he faced.  “Go, Laoch! (Warrior) Be born of the water to as it eases your burning insides.”

The newborn male sprinted toward the rushing water like a wild beast, kicking up sand and rock as he flew across the hot ground. He quickly reached the riverbank and dove headlong into the rushing brink.  Steam rose up from the water where he entered; and as soon as the miraculous water closed in around him he felt an instant settling calm within.  Once his burning insides were cooled, he emerged fresh from his baptism to stand upon the shore beside the river where Bandia was waiting for him.

“Laoch,” began the goddess, “Your life and purpose here on Dohman will be that of Protector, Defender and Friend to the Family in the Garden.  Your physical strength and unwavering sense of purpose will be your greatest assets and may well prove more necessary than we can now foresee.  Although your life is here in the physical world,  you must never turn your back on the Eternal Realm and those who created you;  for if you do, you will feel a great emptiness. Within the veil of this emptiness you will come to understand that without eternity, your physical power is of no consequence. It is the Power of Light within that will ensure you success in all that you undertake.”

Ar’tine quietly listened to this vein of conversation with both impatience and admiration.  How he wished he could have that sense of Unity that oozed from all the others in the Realm;   but, alas, he could only recognize what he saw as the sheer vulnerability of it all.  He did not want any part of weakness which is how he perceived all this Love and Light business.  His strength, he knew, was in his cunning.  Leave the brute strength to this human.  And that strength might well serve his own purposes one day.  He had, after all, managed to install his “safety net”  without anyone’s detecting it.

Laoch climbed the rocks, seeking a deep cavern suitable for a dwelling.  Once he found the perfect place, he began to make crude tools for hunting. He was told he could take sustenance from the vine, the water, the land, or the air-all the living things around him would be nourishment.  His Mother counseled him in the manner of honoring all that gives its Essence, one to another in the chain of continuing physical life.  Bandia explained to him that all of creation is Light and energy, that everything in existence is a part of the All That Is. She assured him that once created everything is eternal; and when that which is created sees the end of its cycle, it returns to Essence-to Great Spirit.

All these things were understood and taken into his great Warrior’s heart. For as much as Ar’tine had hopes to use Laoch as an ally one day, the inner Light was already strong within the Warrior; and his intent was clear-to make his Creators glad of his presence on Dohman.

Mor felt immense Love for It’s creations, seeing all they had accomplished; but now disappointment knew a place in Its Awareness, and increased was Its disappointment in Ar’tine’s continued deceptions and delusions.  Hope grew dimmer for the dark god’s salvation,  but increased Love was always promising.  More living things, more sensations and experiences to know; and now grew the Hope in this infant to bring Unity to Creation.  Increased was the Joy of Great Spirit.

As always, I welcome feedback-thoughts, critique, impressions. And if you are interested in previous chapters, look for the Forever Never posts by typing it in the Search bar near the top of the page.  I thank you humbly for reading my work, if you have. It means more than you know. 

Love and Light,


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