Woman of Wisdom and Healing….Eagna is Born/Forever Never


                                 “Be as my voice when they can no longer hear me….”

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

all rights reserved artistic material

New life is being created on Dohman-help for the couple in the garden as they await the arrival of the world’s first natural born human child, a child of hope for all.

XXIV  Eagna

    Inion was to birth her creation where the sun ended its cycles as it slipped behind the mountains; and this one was to be Female. Her role on Dohman for its inhabitants would be one of temperance and guidance.  She would have the strength of Wisdom combined with the gentleness of Understanding; and she would serve as counselor to M’na and Fireann in times of emotional struggle.  Eternity’s daughter called this new life Eagna (Wisdom), and sought to bring strength to her essence by drawing energy from the mountains of her world, powerful edifices which stood steadfast before mighty winds and torrential rain.  Although this female was to be slight of stature, her resolve must be immovable.   Her face was envisioned as gentle but knowing as Inion drew the lines of expression upon it.  Large, round eyes were the color of the earth beneath the grass, with flecks of green such as covered the hills of her land.   Cascading  around her white skin,  her golden hair glinted as though the light of the morning sun was reflected upon her body, while shadows danced among the locks.  Inion created her daughter’s voice so that when she spoke it would be soothing and its sound would flow gently as the river waters running down from the mountain.  Guided by wisdom, Eagna’s word would be born of the eternal truths that Inion now imparted to her daughter.

  She, too, would know of the great Catastrophe which nearly destroyed Dohman and of the simple cause of such a force.  Eagna would be expected to be companion and sister to M’na, to aid her if ever she felt the pangs of separation and questioned her place in her world.  When Inion spoke to her new daughter of Ar’tine, she carefully sketched the portrait of his darkness and the devastating effect such emptiness would have were it not controlled.  She explained that her own self-absorption had played a part in transforming her brother’s fear and loneliness into a weapon he turned inward upon himself, then created his own Son from a place of anger and frustration rather than pure love. She expressed how saddened they both were that they had created from places that were not in union with the All that Is; but it was purely because they both suffered a sense of lack, each in their own way and time.

  The child that was soon to come would be a culmination of their great desire to mend what was rent apart; and its birth would begin a unity within Creation that only existed in Essence before now.  When she completed her instruction, assuring Eagna that all within the Eternal Realm were only a thought away, Inion reminded her daughter that only through constant communion would she remain able to hear the voice of Spirit.  Then the daughter of M’or gathered the soul of her new creation and delivered it into the body she had prepared.  She placed this new life near a cave at the base of the great mountains.  This would serve as her home, where there was a river of water nearby and plentiful fruit and green food to sustain her.  With a kiss of Eternity upon Eagna’s lips, Inion breathed life into this beautiful and wise female.

Be as my voice when they can no longer hear me.   With each moment that passes the veil grows heavier between my children and myself.”
Upon awakening and breathing in the fragrance of nearby flowers, sweet and intoxicating, Eagna was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to her Mother.  “I will always seek your guidance through communion.  May my words be your words and this child be all that you envision it to be for our world.”

  Inion left her daughter gathering grasses for her bed; and so connected were they that she felt the pangs of hunger that struck her child even as she moved her limbs for the first time.  “You may also eat of the fishes in the waters which flow near your home. They will sustain and nourish you. The Essence of all you consume will add their power to your own.”

Eagna considered these options and decided upon the fish, but was not to be as easy as plucking fruit from the vine.  She tried to stand in the chilly water that wrapped around her bare legs, feeling the life of the silver fish touching her skin as they glided by.  She dug her feet into the thick sandy bottom and attempted to grab for them with her bare hands, but realized no success with this method. How long she sloshed around playing this game she was unsure, but she knew that her hunger was increasing. Frustrated by how slippery and fast they were, she decided to try stunning them with large rocks, which she held high over her head and thrust into the water as they swam by her feet, tauntingly.  All this action produced was a good drenching and an occasional painful blow to her feet.

  At last resting upon a large rock in exhaustion, she quietly observed a large tree limb hanging out over the water and watched as its gnarled fingers kept ensnaring debris from the water where its gray fingers dipped into the surface.  Soon things from the air became entangled in is sharp ends as well.  Grasses, leaves and moss clung in place there; and no amount of wind could pry these things loose once hooked onto the ends of those claws….she had an  idea!  Eagna pried loose a branch from a nearby tree and trimmed all but one end. It had a nice sharp point to it naturally, but she enhanced it by pulling away the ends of the bark to reveal the moist white flesh beneath. She tested it with the tip of her finger. Sharp indeed.  Now she stood, knee deep in the drink, very still and very watchful.  After a few moments, with the sun high over her head, she saw a glint of silvery motion. Quickly the glint became a fish and it came closer, swimming in and out between her legs as she held her breath and waited.  She admired its glimmering beauty, and was mesmerized by its fluidity and form.  The rolling in her stomach soon reminded her of the mission at hand just as her prize was about to swim beyond her reach.  Swiftly she plunged the stick into the water. She swiped the wetness from her face, lifted the stick and saw the wriggling rewards of her efforts.  Her first catch.   Now she had her first meal on Dohman!

  Later she would learn the properties of flint, rock and wood, but for now the raw flesh of this creature tasted sweet to her tongue and satisfied her eager insides.  Eagna slept that first night on a deep bed of grass just outside the cave that would become her home, gazing up at the twinkling light show that played out above her, and wondered at the magnificence of it all.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the novel, and I would love any feedback of thoughts you may have.  If you are interested in previous segments, look in the archives or type Forever Never into the Search bar and it will bring up past posts.  As always, I thank you for visiting my site and for reading….
Love and Light,

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