Eolas, the Hunter/Forever Never


As we rejoin the Creators, preparations are being made for the coming of Dohman’s first born human child.  While its parents struggle with the strange and exhilarating sensations of this responsibility, the Eternal Realm provides a means of support.  In the land surrounding Foirfeachta, a new male arises from the essence of their world- one who will act as, friend, counselor….and eventually, protector.

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

all written and artistic works copyright by the author

XXI A Time to Make Ready
Mac, Inion and Bandia were preparing for the new soul’s descent to Dohman. They were eager and anxious to realize the result of their efforts.  As’me longed to be given another chance at life, this time as the offspring of the First Couple; but she was told it was not yet her time, even though she had progressed greatly in her healing.  Mac assured the impatient soul that she would have a special place in their plan, but it was not to be at this moment.

Ar’tine, too, wanted As’me to be given this chance to be reborn in the flesh; but his hope stemmed from his selfish desire and to ease the burden of his own guilty conscience.  How he longed for her to be given the chance at the greatness he had robbed her of.  Finite thinking within the realm of infinity was truly his great error.

Mor continued to hold out hope that the god would outgrow this persistent need for ego fulfillment. Still, It knew all of Ar’tine’s intentions were born out of love for His Creation. This, Great Spirit understood above all else. The dark god continued to watch the unfolding events upon Inion’s world with growing envy, and he reveled in the new sensations that had been experienced by Dohman’s beloved caretakers.  He felt their fire and desire, fueled by a deep longing for completeness.

It was a desire that ached within everything in Eternity, although he was certain the others didn’t understand the true nature of this longing the way that he did.  They remained broken-always trying to please, trying to correct, to renew and Unify, always without complete satisfaction, even with their freedom to create at will. How much wiser he thought himself to be because he understood the dark rift could never be repaired. He was certain of this and embraced that truth, becoming as one with it for he also knew what it needed.  It could not be destroyed, nor hidden and tamed. What it needed was to be quenched, like a thirst.  It seemed he was always hungry and thirsty in his soul, and with little relief.

He had experienced some satisfaction through the union of M’na and Fireann, a small swill of perfect ecstasy.  Their physical joining was wondrously delicious; and he knew there could be more.  He could not understand why they had been denied this gift before now and why they would be denied again.  Impatience was the fertilizer for the Dark Tree that now invaded every molecule of the god’s Essence. He was simply harvesting it in the Garden of Light for the time being.  It wasn’t a plan really. It was more of an unfolding….

The cycles of rebirth for all other living things on Dohman was known; but since no human had experienced a full cycle, no one could predict the moment of arrival for the infant forming inside of M’na.  Every natural born physical creature arrived as smaller, more immature versions of their creators, so it was assumed it would be the same with humans.

M’na soon felt  movements of life within and new sensations were flooding her being. Some were not so pleasant, but most were glorious.  She no longer changed form to fly or to swim with the creatures of Dohman.  Instead, she contented herself with preparing a place for the new life that was being entrusted to her care.

Fireann continued to gather and care for the living things in the Garden as they prepared for the coming of the child;  but no more did he travel to distant places, preferring to be a dedicated companion to his female.  His greatest satisfaction was to see her glowing countenance as new life grew within her body; and  yet, along with his joy, there had been a nagging sense of exclusion which was chipping away at his peace of mind. He felt that he was somehow on the outside looking in at this miracle that was forming within his female.  He knew his role in this creation was important,  but it seemed a more detached connection than M’na’s.  To honor his promise to the Goddess Mother, and in the Light of Love, he busied himself with making ready a safe and comfortable place to welcome the new life instead of feeding his own emptiness. He found comfort in knowing it would be for him to protect Eternity’s new creation from harm until it could care for itself.  He and M’na had seen all of the living beings on Dohman giving birth, licking their newly brought forth creatures clean, nourishing and nurturing them before eventually nudging them up and onto their own legs, out of burrows and down from nests.  He assumed it would be much the same way with their young one.

There was, along with all of the practical planning, the certain knowledge that they must encourage this new life to walk in the way of Spirit and help it to understand how special it was-pure balanced Love from the heart of Eternity.  This human child would bring Perfection back to their world.

Mor was saddened to sense that Fireann did not understand that the world of Dohman, as a part of the All that Is,  was already Perfection.  Inion’s creation was simply no longer aware of its perfection. This was the Hope, this was the goal being manifest in the experiment.  To end the sense of lack and separation that had begun with the first Creation.
XXII Help for Dohman

Dohman had, in the time since the great Devastation brought on by the birth of Mac n Mor, undergone climatic changes.  When Mac gifted Inion’s world with the great light of fire they called Sun, things were more diverse. There was growth in places where there had only been brilliance of color, and the entire world was completely habitable.

In the eternal realm it was decided that the birth of M’na and Fireann’s child would bring great change.  M’na knew in her existence the gift of immortality on Dohman and Fireann would live long; but what of the child, being born purely of the flesh and created from flesh?  None was certain of the length of his physical mortality, but all knew that the soul which had been so carefully prepared was eternal.  Energy from energy would return to the Realm when no longer within the body, as had become evident with the death of As’me.

Mor saw what powerful effects Perception had wrought upon Its own creations and upon their own after that, even with Unconditional  Love completely enveloping them. It was decided there would be a need for support in the world of this new family and for the new human life that would restore balance within the Spirit of Creation.

Inion and Mac were sent to create other humans, and each would be placed in areas surrounding The Garden Home where the First Family was to live, all possessing  special gifts that would be ever ready in order for them to guide, protect and serve the Keepers of Dohman. 


XXIII  Eolas
Mac created the first protector in a place where the sun rose above vast grasslands; and it would be closest to Foirfeachta, perfection, as the First Family’s home was now known. Rising above the dark rift that lay deep within his soul, the son of Mor drew from the core of his soul’s Light and mingled it with the essence of the earth surrounding Foirfeachta so that this new male would feel a deep connection to his home, and thusly would feel a deep and abiding love and allegiance to the land and all of its life.  His physical form was tall and strong, muscular arms and legs for hunting, steely eyes to see into the darkness of the surrounding forests.  This male was indeed a figure of absolute strength in every physical way, but Mac knew this was not enough for the work he was to do.  His son would have to possess a keen intellect;  and it would be this intellect that would be the guiding force for his greatest work.

Mac spoke with his new son for a long while in Spirit, describing the role he would play on this world and the new life which was to enter it soon, born to those who entered the physical from Eternity, just as he had.   He expressed the great hope of Mor that what was once torn apart in Spirit would be manifest whole once more, within this child.  Mac assured his son of the Truth that all creations are complete in Spirit; but with the Great Separation of the very first creation from its Source came a sense of loss, an indefinable need to fill an empty space.  Sadly, with this need there could be challenges.  So much depended on denying the voices that would try to speak from that empty space. He advised this Son that without constant meditation and communion with Great Spirit, any one could forget the Truth of Unconditional Love and fall victim to the Ego which relies on perception to feed its hunger. Mac shared feeling a great sense of loss which stemmed from the original separation from his Twin Soul, Inion,  admitting  that this sensation would require a conscious understanding of the true  unity of all in existence;  for although unique unto itself, each creation is still a part of the whole. Mac assured the new human that this understanding is what would protect Him from the darkness which any conscious thing might be affected by.

He did not hide the truth of that which had marred the perfection within his own home in eternity, the darkness that had grown out of his jealousy and envy and been passed on to his son at the time of his creation, his son Mac en Mor. With regret, he told the tale of his Son’s rising darkness and the god’s sin which resulted in the loss of that which he had created for himself and was most beloved by him. Great Spirit had stripped him of his honorable name and saw that he knew the flame of pain he had inflicted upon his daughter.  Mac must be certain this new male understood both temptation and the consequences of separating oneself from Unconditional Love, that which feeds every soul.  Lastly, he assured his new son that throughout his life, even though he would not be able to see the eternal family once he resided within his human body, they would watch from the Realm and would always answer a call to Love and Light.  It would be imperative to remember that he remains a part of the All that Was and Forever Is, as was every thing he touched.  Every thing that was known carried the Essence of Eternity within it.

With the body of his son newly formed and their counsel complete, Mac asked Great Spirit for blessing before committing this male, this Teacher, to Dohman.  Mor lovingly consented to the new Creation, for It saw that Mac was diligent in the ways of Spirit;  and  with every new creation came new sensation-therefore more to Love and be Loved by.

Mac took his son’s body to the grassy meadows that would be his home and blew breath into his lungs, then calling him to rise, “Eolas!  You are the Keeper of Knowledge and Truth in this world.  Your strength lies in the spoken word; and you must always serve as a source of support and kinship to M’na and her family. Rise now, my son, and greet your life.”

The great body lay still upon a green blanket of grass until suddenly its chest heaved as Eolas took in his first sweet breath of life, while already  the memory of Eternity began fading into the mists of his human mind.   Slowly he rose to his feet to answer the voice of his creator, filling his lungs and shouting to the sky above,  “Yes, my Lord, I am forever in the service of Light!  Thank you for this gift of life.” Fearing all teaching from his father would vanish from his mind,  he began to quickly recite the gifts of knowledge that  had been entrusted to him, repeating them over and over to himself.  He made it his mantra until it became imprinted in his mind and on his heart, as if in stone. Already this wise male knew the importance of sharing these precious treasures; and of keeping them safe until the time they would be shared with all of life on his world.

Eolas’ thoughts began to  blur as his belly ached with the hunger of the newly born.  He found small fruits and edible greens which he nibbled.  They were mildly satisfying, but he knew he needed a greater source of sustenance.  As he gazed across the still, tall grasses of his new home, he suddenly felt a tickling near his feet and looked down to see the grasses quivering very near where he stood. All else seemed perfectly still so he bent to look more closely. Surely!  There was a creature there, rooting about in the ground, perhaps on a quest for something to ease his own hunger.  The small creature was covered in soft, brown hair.  Its ears were long and there was but a spot of a tail.

Instinctively, Eolas slowly squatted upon his heels and waited.  The creature stopped, perked up one long ear,  and remained perfectly still until it felt safe.  Wriggling its nose at the unfamiliar new scent upon the air, it scuttled progressively closer to the male’s feet in its search for sweeter grasses to nibble.  Eolas barely breathed now and not a muscle twitched as he observed the creature in awed reverence.  As soon as it was near enough to his bare brown feet,,  the new hunter quickly moved  upon it.  One  hand went behind its soft back while the other scooped it up by the ears  It never made a sound as he drew it up and snapped its neck. For an instant it stared up at him so that Eolas saw its entire life glistening from within that window to its soul.  Then it was gone.

Remembering what his Father said about all things coming from the same Essence, he offered a prayer to Spirit for the life of this animal and gave thanks for the strength it would bring to him.  Making crude tools from a stick and rough stone, he carefully pulled the skin from its flesh, recalling its beauty as it lived. How many miracles such as this awaited his discovery, he wondered as he feasted on the animal and felt its energy move within him, accepting its essence as he did so.  A small part of himself, somewhere inside, felt a pang of sorrow at ending this life; but  recalled his Father’s assurances of the existence of all things before and beyond this place.   He accepted that it was an honor both for himself and the creature to end its life in this way.

Eolas decided to keep the soft skin it wore, so he scraped it clean before spreading it over a large rock  to dry in the sun.  It would serve as a reminder of his welcome to this land.  Next,  he set about making himself a place to sleep, using the rushes and fronds from the banks that lined a nearby creek bed. There was beautiful, clear water running through the land and it felt cool to his skin as he stood in the shallows, pulling  the grasses with efficiency and purpose, and humming to himself.   He was not only wise but keen as well, and it would not be long before he fashioned tools from stone, using them to cut trees.  This wood, along with dried grasses from his meadow, would provide a more protected living enclosure.  All these skills, as natural as they seemed, would come in handy in ways he was not yet aware of.  There would be more creatures, more skins, and more need for them than he realized.  Eolas lived upon his land peacefully, communing with Spirit and nurturing a love for his world as they awaited the arrival of Dohman’s first child…

For previous posts of this novel, check the archives or enter Forever Never in the Search bar and select from there. I have published a few chapters at a time.  I would really appreciate any feedback or comments you may have.  It has been a personal journey of self discovery and understanding in writing this story.  Thank you.


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