Theming My Life


In hues of blazing orange and earthen brown

Autumn spreads like a warm blanket

across a rapidly chilling world.

No more do tiny dragons fly about my yard,

spreading faerie dust across the garden

and pausing so that I may capture their smiles.

In their place have come the colorful magicians

of transitional Autumn wonder.

As they flutter their spotted wings a great drowsiness

covers the meadow, yard, field and garden

before the harsh Winter shows its icy grin through sheets of

frozen raindrops.

All too soon they will sleep beneath the blanket of the

Bleak Season.

What shall I see, then, with my electronic eye, always poised

to capture the essence of nature’s small miracles?

If only I knew where tiny dragons and fiery winged magicians slept,

I could sneak into their cocoon of slumber and capture their winter serenity.

Alas, they are good at hide and seek.

I must wait.

Perhaps there will come a snow nymph….


How I love this time of year!

I know, I know, everyone loves the Spring, and I do as well. But ever since I was a child, Autumn represented so much to me.  The changing colors, the chill in the air…to me it meant so many wonderful things.  I can still close my eyes and smell the acrid odor of smoke as it drifts up from the smoldering leaves my Dad used to burn after they were all raked up.  Of course we “helped”, my brother and I; but it invariably led to us diving into massive piles of crispy, crinkling brown and gold wonder, laughing and splashing about like it was an Autumn swimming pool. Then the next day came the chiggers. Always.  And always my mother fussed about me climbing about in the leaves.  I swore to myself as I scratched-and tried not to scratch-that I would not do it again. Not until the next year, that is…

We always had an October school carnival which was pure delight to me and my siblings.  My Mom would smell up the house with the scent of simmering roast beef which she shredded and made into the yummiest barbecue on buns. It was her contribution to the cafeteria for the event. We always rushed with our preparations to try to get to the school and have one before they disappeared, but it never happened. Thank goodness she always kept back a little so that we would not do without.

I have to say that Halloween is likely my favorite holiday.  It wasn’t so much a horror fest when I was young as it was a night to be something other than yourself.  For one night, a child could be whatever they wanted.  We had a couple of manufactured costumes over the years; but these paled in comparison to the creations we made on our own.  We could Trick or Treat alone as long as we were in groups and it would be many years before the terror of tainted candy made its appearance.  That night was full of gangs of kids, meeting on their trek for tooth defying sticky goodness, sharing which houses were giving out the best candy-and which had the scariest decorations. One year we actually ran out of candy and my Dad started popping popcorn to hand out. Something else you could do “back then” was hand out homemade treats. My Mom never had too many rules, except that one of us had better return with a handmade popcorn ball from the “famous” neighbor who did them so well every year.

Then it was back home for sorting, sharing, bragging and admonitions from my mother to not overdo it.  Back then you could even bring your candy to school-in moderation.  Ahhh…good times. No. GREAT times.

I am often amazed that Halloween still exists in its commercial form, but I am grateful since it is one vestige of childhood I hold dear.  But it does seem paler somehow.  Fear tends to fade the luster from a thing.  Thank goodness for my memories. We were able to produce some pretty good experiences for our guys growing up, although every year took us further away from traditional events. The world has moved on.

I have begun to look at my photos and how I shoot them each day in a new way.  It would seem that they, like my life, seem to be themed.  Now, I am a very spiritual person, prone to seeing the signs in all things, look for synchronicity in my life, and delighting when I feel the magic of the universe moving through it all.  It seems to me that I have days of dragonflies, days of butterflies, days of frogs, lizards and especially of birds.  The prevailing theme for me most of the time are winged creatures.  And they lead me to the flowers….


I always loved the colors of Spring for flowers; but I am finding that more and more the colors of Autumn bring the same warmth to my soul that they bring to their hosts. Perhaps it is because I am in the Autumn of my own life.


Even in pastel hues, they call out in earthy voices that beckon me to expect something wonderful, just as I did every Autumn as a child.  It was a time of new beginnings for me then.  It was a new year in school, I had new paper, books, crayons, and the hope of fresh adventures with my friends. By the middle of the year, I realized I was with the same friends, little had changed but our height, and I faced the same challenges as the year before.  That never stopped the feeling from arriving the next Autumn, and the next.  I still find Autumn to be a time of hope for me.  After all, anything is possible in this Illusion we are creating with Spirit.  Anything at all…


Spread your wings and soar in this new season.  What are your favorite memories of Autumn? 


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