XX Creating Life…Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion….the story continues


Creating LIfe/Chapter XX

With the hope of reuniting Spirit in the flesh, Eternity beckons the Keepers of Dohman to bring new life into being.  But first they must awaken the dormant passion of physical desire, a thing which would prove both a gift and a curse to the future of humankind.  Once set into motion, creation would become the driving force of the living flesh, opening the door to possibility as well as creating a portal of opportunity for darkness.  The soul’s struggle for repair had only just begun…..

Advisory:  Adult content/sexual implication

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright written and artistic content

XX Creating Life

  Dohman’s First Couple returned to the place where they made their home. There they shared a meal of simple fruits and nuts, things they collected on the slow walk back, enjoying the sounds, the feel and the smell of their world. On this night their food seemed to taste more delectable; but in truth both were too nervous to eat much, with the unknown looming before them.  Neither spoke much except to reaffirm their deep love for one another.  The mood was reverent and  apprehension hung in the air about them as they pondered what was to come before the night was over.

   After a long while, Fireann spoke seriously to his companion.  “M’na, I vow to never let anything harm you or our child to come. You are a strong presence upon our world as its first Daughter and Keeper; but as your companion, you must know that I would stand between you and the very Darkness before saving myself.”

   This honest devotional touched M’na to the core. Yes, this had been her World long before Fireann arrived, but it had been his presence that brought her the new sense of purpose she now felt with each rising sun. She touched his fingertips with her own and answered his words with a gentle smile. “I was but a life without a true heartbeat until you joined me. I know your devotion to me is deep, just as is mine to you; and we are both dedicated to the love of the child that is coming.  I pray it will know and remember the completeness we are creating as one from two, even from the moment it takes the first breath.”

   Once they finished picking over the food, M’na and Fireann stepped into the dark flow of the creek, connecting with its fluid energy as they cleansed.  This ritual was done in silence, save the soft lapping of the current as its progress was slowed by their bodies.  Afterward, they sat in quiet meditation beneath a night sky which now seemed ablaze with starlight. The moon was fully round and bright, casting long their shadows across a dark blanket of soft grasses, the place  where they made their bed each night.  Connecting with Spirit would be their most important preparation.

   When both felt fully enveloped by the heart of Eternity, M’na gently opened her eyes, squeezed Fireann’s arm, and whispered, “Now is our time. I have seen the face of my Mothers and know they are here.”  Neither was certain exactly what was to come that night, but both understood its sacred importance.

  Fireann retrieved the leaf which cradled the sweet draft of tree sap that Bandia had entrusted them with.  Carefully he extended it in offering to his Companion first, as he did with all things.  M’na smiled at the generous gesture and wondered that she deserved such kindness. “Let’s offer this gift to one another,” she whispered.

Cupping the leaf in one hand, Fireann ran the fingers of his other through the syrupy liquid.  It felt cool and sticky as he lifted it to M’na’s lips, lips which parted slightly in anticipation.  How incredibly soft and full they looked in the moonlight.  When he lifted his hand to her mouth a single drop threatened to escape to the ground; but she quickly leaned forward to catch it as she took his finger in her mouth to drink in the full measure of the nectar he offered.  Instantly she tasted its sweetness, like nothing she had ever known until now.  It was both delicious and fragrant at once, filling all of her senses with an intoxicating calm.

  Fireann held the leaf out to M’na for the return of the offering.  She took it carefully from him, cupping it in her hands, so as not to lose a single drop of the precious liquid.  While she cradled its soft underside in one hand, she dipped a finger from the other into the center, pulling it across the slippery surface to extract the remaining syrup. She smiled as she lifted it to his lips, already parted eagerly to accept it from her.  He, too, savored the taste and immediately felt its intoxicating effects.  The pungent sweetness lingered on his tongue as the nectar moved down his throat, making its way to his belly.   Both felt sudden warmth throughout their bodies, although a chill hung in the darkness surrounding them.

  M’na, making certain all the liquid had been taken from within the leaf, cast it aside.  She clutched her stomach as she became aware of an ache coming from deeply within, as a hunger that needed to be fed. It was lower than her belly at first, but soon it began to work its way upward until it reached the rest of her body , causing her skin to feel that it had a life-a breath-of its own!  Below, where never before had she felt anything like this came a vibration, a need that screamed to be known.

Fireann was feeling similar sensations within as he became aware of a burning desire to consume something; but this hunger was not from his belly.  It came from the depths of his body.

The couple recognized these awakenings in one another as their eyes met, and their bodies responded instinctively. Fireann was awakened in the part of his body that was very different from that of his companion. It now took on a life of its own that sent a searing ache upwards into his belly.  Both of them grew more intoxicated than before but they somehow understood that its cause was beyond  the effects of the golden sap. This indeed was a miraculous thing!

Suddenly they saw each other through different eyes. Fireann appreciated every curve, dip and slope of M’na’s body; and he wanted to trace each one with his hands. A deep, hidden longing that had lain dormant in both since the day they first met was now presenting itself-and not quietly. Fireann wanted to put his mouth on M’na’s, to breathe her breath, to feel her heartbeat against his chest. He touched every part of her in ways he never had before; and with every touch arrived a new agonizing ache from below.

M’na responded with her own fiery fingers, groping, touching him in ways that only served to fuel his hunger.   His lips were warm and wet; and with his mouth on hers she felt they were breathing the same breath.  As his weight came down upon her, she knew what she had to do. She saw what happened to his body, felt her own response to it, and they knew what would happen next.  Grabbing him, newly awakened, she guided him inside of her and wrapped herself around him.  He knew instinctively what he was supposed to do-what he wanted to do.  They moved together to ease the hunger for what seemed endless moments, feeling an ecstasy that later they would have trouble describing.   The fullness of those moments could only be compared to the Unconditional Love they knew when connected to the All that Was.  It was a time of total completeness. Neither felt empty or lacking.  There was no sense of separation, within or without.

M’na cried out uncontrollably, alarming even herself; but when Fireann looked at her face, fearing he was somehow hurting her, he saw the beauty of pleasure etched upon it.  A surprised smile played across her lips, and that was all it took for the final release to find him.  He shook as he felt his body let loose a part of himself that would be forever within her.  Waves of pleasure seized him, leaving his extremities numb.  Fireann touched the face of this female, this soon to be Mother of Humankind in its most perfect form, and felt a richer, more urgent love for her.  In that moment He knew a reverence and appreciation of all that their life would mean.  M’na gazed into the eyes of her companion as this gift of life flowed inside her and envisioned the change of his role on her world.  She felt his strength and knew that never again would she be able to be without him.

When they finally fell apart, spent and breathless, neither spoke a word;  for it would have seemed empty next to what they had just shared.  They swam once more in the creek, basking in the glow of the new moon, then curled up together as they had on so many other nights, there on the soft grasses of Dohman. They fell asleep, both nurturing a deep satisfaction and a new Hope within. Their entire world slept the sleep of Peace that night, perhaps the most perfect one it would know.

New and wonderful sensations rippled throughout the Eternal Realm.  Mor was very pleased with this new experience. And hopeful for its possibilities.  Great was Its love for Creation.

to be continued……


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