Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion-for Love of As’me


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyrighted written and artistic materials

Welcome back!  I am publishing more of my novel here in the hope that someone is enjoying it and it may bring a bit of entertainment or comfort to anyone who has ever felt alone.  You are never alone.  All too often those in the flesh can leave us feeling more empty than the comfort that comes from knowing there is a Source, a Power beyond our comprehension, which loves us without condition.  The love of Spirit is timeless, tireless and ceaseless.  If you are here for the first time and would like to read previous book chapters, go to the Search bar and type on Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion and they will come up.  Thank you for reading and please do leave me a comment with your ideas, thoughts or impressions. Thanks!

As the story continues, the wounded creation of the dark god of Dohman Eile lies dying…..

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

XVII Healing

  As’me in her present form could not survive the attack from Mac en Mor, although he continued to deceive himself that his advances came only from a place of devoted Love.  Mac, filled with the pain of knowing Eternity’s daughter could not be saved, helped her to separate from life more quickly in order to ease her suffering.  The burns to her body were extensive; and to have her continue to exist as such a creature would be most torturous for one so innocent.  When her body surrendered its life and her human heart beat no more, the silvery thread that was her true eternal essence hung above her lifeless form as though lost.  Mac could feel this energy questioning what had happened and where it was to go now.

This new experience was very intriguing to Mor.  It knew her energy was eternal and would return to the realm; but the thought that it would have any ability to question presented a new opportunity.  Perhaps what was imbalanced within its core could be repaired.  Mac could give it new form and purpose and a life on his sister’s Dohman with the others of Light who lived there.

Mor told Its son of this desire for As’me’s soul and Mac was overjoyed with the knowledge that she might be saved after all. He truly loved what had been created and was beginning to understand and embrace this power of Unconditional Love. If only he had come to this point sooner, before the seeds of Darkness had opened up to budding tendrils that would entwine the souls of humankind forever.  How could He have known?  He vowed then and there to be a Loving Father to all of his creations, to be as one with his twin and to do all within His power to help heal this wounded soul, created from the darkness of his son’s ego and destroyed by his betrayal.  Mac took the soul of As’me to a special place within the Eternal Realm, where its purest Light and energy could touch her.  There they remained for eons, with Mac healing this soul to prepare it for its rebirth on Dohman.

XVIII Hope from Despair

  Mor, in Its eternal quest for perfection within Creation, considered what it was that Mac en Mor attempted with As’me.  Although the dark god’s egotistical deceit and covetousness nature marred his original thought, the idea that a joining of the light and dark natures of original Essence in human form was something Mor would like to see to its fruition. It would speak to Its Children of this new possibility. Great Spirit knew such a plan required careful consideration if it was to be a success.

When Mor was once again with Inion and her Goddess, Bandia, they spoke of what had occurred on Dohman Eile.  Although they knew of the sad events which had occurred, they had kept their distance out of love for Mac, knowing that Mor would resolve all error. Great Spirit then presented its thought to the Feminine Essence of Eternity.
“Mac en Mor has tried to create in sinwithout.  Without thought, without Light, without conscience and without Unconditional Love. What he perceives to be love comes from the dark core of his ego and not from the understanding of the All That Is.  Rather than creating something that would add to the existence of love and bring solace to his daughter, he sought only to increase himself.  He desires only to rule, crush and fulfill his need for greatness.  In this he has wronged himself and his original creation, As’me. For this sin, he has been banished to his Dohman Eile where he will dwell, no longer as the god he was.  Now he will exist lit by fire so that he will remember the pain that was inflicted upon his creation.  At such time as he accepts the Unity of Spirit, choosing to be an integral part of the All That Is,  the flame will instantly recede.  The Light of Eternity is always there for all who will only accept it.  He will be thusly named Ar’tine, until he returns as One in Light.”


Mor was thoughtful before continuing,  “However, his idea to seek out the return of wholeness to Spirit through physical creation-to undo what was done by the first Separation-is an intriguing one; but never shall God or Goddess mingle with humankind.  The original form of As’me was destroyed because of Mac an Mor’s greed and disregard for his beloved.”  Mor turned to the goddess then.  “Bandia, you must create other forms of human design to walk upon Dohman. They may be fashioned as you desire; but none shall have the gift of Immortality as your Daughter does, and each must be equal.  M’na and Fireann will always be keeper of Dohman; and if there be any to come, their children will take up this role in the way of their world’s first Mother.  None may claim dominion over another; and they will move in harmony, each in its own way, for the nurturing of Inion’s creation.  They may know companionship, just as M’na and Fireann are known to one another.


“And what of my children, Father?,” inquired Inion.  “When will M’na and Fireann be advised of your plan to begin a creation in the flesh?”  She was very eager for the return of wholeness; and to have a creation that experienced itself as the Father did would be a miracle indeed! It’s answer was typical.


  “In the right moment it will be so.”


Ar’tine, no longer consumed by his obsession with As’me, began to tire of his solitude and turned his focus once more to his connection with those in the Eternal Realm.  His ability to understand all Thought at once was very impressive.

Mor knew this and hoped that the Light which moved within Eternity would eventually bring new dimension to  Ar’tine’s potential. Hope indeed springs Eternal; for, after all, it was born within the Realm.


XIX Preparation


  …Mac and Inion worked long and faithfully together, experimenting with the blending of their essences in preparation for the moment when the experiment would occur- when Mor would decide it was right to bring forth a new soul, this time born of a human. It had already been decided that they who lived upon the world of Dohman would be the vessels to bring forth this miraculous soul. Although they had not yet been told when the miracle would come, they were urged to be diligent in companionship and to remain constant with those who lived in the eternal realm.  This, they were advised,  would keep their Essence pure and their souls filled with the light of Eternity.


Long were the sun cycles upon Dohman, and they passed slowly in the face of anticipation.  Still, M’na and Fireann never tired of one another or of the gift of caring for the Mothers’ beautiful world. The physical bond between them was strong;  but it was without the act of creating such as the other living things around them experienced.  They often considered this, but they never felt a lack from it, for this part of their physical nature was yet to be awakened.

Mac understood the design behind the desire to bring forth a perfectly balanced soul, or as near to it as they could manage. He often implored his Mother to consider allowing  As’me, who was already in existence, to be the child created by M’na and Fireann.

Into the deepest realms of Eternal Light he had retreated with the injured young soul to seek its healing and to blot out the imprint of the attack upon its Innocence. Now it was patiently waiting to be brought into physical being once more, for the memory of walking within a human body remained as a dream; and with that memory all of the wonders of creation were to continue to be a longing which all souls returning to Eternal Light would know. It would be the key to future existence as it came to be understood.

As’me pleaded with her father to send her to Dohman. “I know I could be all and more than you long for as the child of The Original Creation.”  Mac understood the soul spoke as earnestly as it could from its newborn ability to comprehend such things,  yet how was he to have it understand that as much healing as had been done and as much damage that had been repaired, that still none could not change the core of its own origination. That core which had been created by the dark one and which it still retained-even in the minutest amount-carried some whisper of his influence.  There was still a dark place, minuscule as it was, that would always be vulnerable to the influence of such a power.  Not wanting As’me to be hurt by this perception of lack, Mac did what any loving parent would do. He told a modified truth.

“Precious One, I have seen your wondrous recovery and the increase of Light in you in the time of your soul’s transformation, and I know you would be pleased and pleasing as the human child of M’na and Fireann. We have a greater plan for you, and as soon as it is complete we will speak of these things again”.  With this promise, the soul of As’me  content to wait.


Bandia moved about Dohman as Mor directed, creating the new life that would benefit all of its inhabitants, each possessing  special gifts which could be blended with others on their world so that together they might create balance and maintain harmony. Every tribe had a specialty, all of which would serve the eventual Kingdom well, even saving it in its darkest hours, although none could yet foresee that which was to come.


to be continued….
Until next time, Love and Light,

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