Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn


Even the grass has seemed perkier for the last week.  Yep, that’s what a dip in temperatures will do for living things.  We have recently had autumn-like changes which appear in the morning, making my walks much more palatable-and thoroughly enjoyable once I am out there.  This past Friday was amazing for photography. I only wish at times I had a few different lenses or perhaps was quicker with my settings.  Still,  I got some nice shots and thought I would share some of the beautiful things that I am fortunate to encounter nearly every day.


The Heron was “stationed” on its perch for surveying and only fluttered its wings now and then as it lifted up over the water to capture some tasty six or eight-legged morsel before returning to its place upon the grass.


Okay, this is definitely my favorite moment of the morning and was quite unexpected. I  gained  access to the road that runs behind the little lake which is normally not accessible;  but by the time I made it there, all the birds who had lined the shore there had suddenly “moved on”, except for a turtle and one lone heron who thought I deserved a break-and a bit of a personal session.


Majestic looking isn’t it?


Of course no morning walk would be complete without the lovely Australian Black Swans.  There was a pair that floated over to my side of the lake, just to give a few spins for me.  It was like watching a ballet.



Everyone was out and about, and the birds seemed happiest of all.


Blue wonder, tolerating my intrusion for a few moments before dashing off.


This little red bird let me get pretty close.  A friend of mine identified it for me as a house finch. She is a wonderful birder and knows all of them! Thank you, Annette.


I hope everyone has a glorious weekend.  I’ll leave you with my smallest capture of the morning.  We remember to look to the heavens,  but often forget to look down.  There are many wonders in the world below that get trampled beneath the boot of our disregard.  I am trying to remember to honor the small miracles that life has to offer as well as the grand displays.


Someone worked all night to create this magic.  The least I could do was to capture its beauty.

Pura Vida,


12 thoughts on “Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn

      1. Wow, now I feel a bit old…LOL! (Kidding, kinda).

        Still building an inventory of songs. It’ll be a while, there are so many from this era.

        Thanks for hanging with the blog!



      2. Don’t feel old. The group of young women I work with wouldn’t have a clue about thiss ong. I could feel old every time I open my mouth around them. Instead I just fell five decades of cool. Plus I love all my parents’ music as well. And my awesome sons keep me on top of new Inde music. I look forward to your posts!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Actually, I find it hard to really feel old. I still feel in my mind about 10 yrs. younger than I am…

        Thanks so much for the kind, upbeat reply!


      4. I agree. I did my 60th b-day with the grandkids at Chuck E. Cheese last year! Played the “air guitar” to perfection…

        Enjoy your day, dweezer!



      5. That sounds fun! I miss my Guitar Hero sessions with my youngest while he was still home going to university. He was so good to “play” with Mom. Me? Drummer of course. I always admired Karen Carpenter. Hope your day was good too.


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