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Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

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I am publishing my novel here in the hope that it will inspire others to explore their sense of self, reaching beyond what the mind whispers to the soul, to find the mirror of truth that reflects the true nature of that soul. Then it is possible to see the true beauty that is every one, each a separate piece of the All that Is.  Only by remembering that we are one will we understand that to seek wholeness from any love outside of ourselves is a fruitless process.  All that we need lies within, within each and within the All.  There is no separation save the illusion of this physical life.  The only true moment that exists is this one.  The only real thing within it is Love.

I hope you stick with the story as it unfolds for as surely as we struggle and seek our own truths, the characters that come to live upon the world of Inion will know struggles and challenges, darkness and light.  Share their adventure.  Please leave me a comment if you read. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks! And if you are here for the first time, you can read the other book posts by looking for the black and white bird and the book title among the past posts.

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The Keeper of Dohman grows lonely…..


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

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Return of the Son
And what of Mac?  Inion wondered what had become of her twin.  Although felt fullness through her various Creations, scattered throughout the Eternal Realm, still missing was the sense of wholeness she felt when she worked with her brother.  When she questioned Mor about this emptiness, Its reply came in truth, for It knew only truth.  “Mac recognizes the darkness that grows within his own creation and cannot, in Love, destroy it, nor does he wish to share in its journey of ego. Neither can he accept that the way to repair it comes only from first looking at the Source of the Error.  It will come to Him eventually, just as it will come to you.”

In confusion, Inion spoke earnestly to her Father. “But if it is so simple, why does he not just understand? Why does he not let the Light illuminate him so that he will feel whole and begin to create once more without fear?”
Great Spirit’s reply was again honest, although surprising to Inion, “Why don’t you join him in his meditation and healing?  There is something within your own Essence which must be recognized for you also to feel complete.”  Inion could not imagine what it was that her Father was talking about.  She knew that she tried, once her had anger passed, to find Mac and reconcile with him; but he had withdrawn so deeply into the heart of the Eternal realm that she couldn’t reach him.  And she couldn’t leave her World unattended…

Mor knew Its daughter’s thoughts and continued to try to spark her understanding, “Are you certain you are shed of your anger and disappointment over what happened on your Dohman?  Just as Mac must recognize the Light within himself that is dimmed since the Original Separation, so too must you recognize the fracture that was left within yourself, the place that exists as a void.  This void, even though very small, is what causes you to feel unnecessarily separated from Love and forced into isolation, even though you are never alone.”

Realizing the truth of Mor’s words, Inion cried, “No Father, I don’t want to recognize it!   I try; but when I look closely, it seems as a shadow over my soul. I work to keep the darkness hidden-from others and from myself.  I create from the light of Love, and all of my creations return that love to me.”

“Then go in peace my Daughter, and continue to Create. I want only what you desire for yourself in this existence we have begun together.” Mor was happy to hear her words but wondered about the wisdom in hiding from oneself.

Inion left her Father with one final question, spoken from a young soul’s ernest hope. “Will we ever feel whole again, Great Spirit?’

  “Most certainly”, came the reply; but Mor knew Its own deception this time, born not of darkness but of Love.  Great Spirit knew that only by returning all which now existed outside of Itself back to the source would there be total reconciliation.  It would consider these things.  What was once whole could be made whole again.  But how to do it without dissolution remained a mystery.  Meanwhile, there were all these new sensations to absorb. It would continue communion with Its Son, although the healing was taking longer than Mor had hoped for.  Mac’s World needed his wisdom and Love before it was beyond repair.