Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks


In my neighborhood there are two lovely, simple man-made lakes.  They attract some of the loveliest wildlife you can find in a city setting.


I never know just who will be there when I happen by, but I am always armed with my camera and high hopes.  Yesterday this was the main event. I named it the Watcher of the Lake.



Preening, oblivious to my attentions and indifferent to the adoration I was showering it with, it continued its daily business.


A stroll down beside the shore, to strut its stuff.


Giving me the eye.


It must have stood there along the shore for a couple of hours…

Every day I walk or ride by, just to see who else decided to take a stroll and “hang out”.  Going outside is miraculous in so many ways.


Happy Tuesday!!

2 thoughts on “Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks

    1. Thank you. I have to be in nature often to drown out the noise of my mind. The things in nature just live. It helps me to breathe and remember my purpose. I’m glad you visited.


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