Double It Up

An exceptional concept of love in action. Way to go Connor!!

Project Deeds

Welcome back Deed Doer’s. I hope you and the deed recipient(s) found great value and happiness upon the execution of last weeks deed. If you did not get the opportunity to put last weeks deed into action, I highly recommend that you make time to act on the Double It Up deed this week. I guarantee the deliberate execution of this deed will shine happiness into the lives of all of those involved.

I want to get right down to business this week. I know time is precious and the longer we sit here reading the Project Deed page the less time we have to inflict intentional kindness into the world.

DEED: Double It Up

OBJECTIVE: 1)Buy two and give one away. It’s simple. Sometime throughout the week make a conscious decision to buy two of something (Double It Up). It can be anything. It could be a cup…

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