The Watcher/Blue Heron by the Lake Photos

I took my regular tri weekly neighborhood roundabout this morning and grabbed my camera on the way out. We had  a shift in weather with some rain, then hot once more; and I knew there would be fungus opportunities out there. There were a few other things as well.

The fungus first.


There was so much diversity among the little sprouts today, as though self expression was the order of the day in the mushroom world.

From the traipsing troupe…



There was character in every one.

But the glory moment for me was finding this beautiful blue heron, keeping watch over the neighborhood lake as it enjoyed the early morning.  I apologize for not having my zoom but it is quite weighty on a hike.



He watched me watching.  Slowly, he crept alongside the water, strutting and keeping an eye on my movement.




It seemed to be the guardian of the lake this morning. Eventually it sauntered off to hide behind some water grasses.


So I continued my walk, in search of other little miracles.

And this took the prize for smallest of the day!


Busily making his slow way across my path, he seemed not to worry about being trodden upon.


Good thing he wasn’t here the day these folks came through…

More mushroom wonders awaited.


A mushroom Mylar!  Must have been in honor of my hubby’s birthday today!


Apparently I wasn’t the only one interested in the little fungal delights.  I saw this squirrel happily munching what looked like a mushroom stem! He was oblivious to my presence and never flinched as I inched closer and closer to take this shot. It was a squirrel morning.


This one was on a serious mission to make the tree before I took his treasure.  No thanks, little guy.  While a lot of people adore squirrels and I do admit they are entertaining; I still know that they are merely rodents with nicer overcoats than their sewer roaming cousins.  And the love to try and steal the food I leave for my birds. 😦


So, I’ll leave you with a little beauty, albeit a nuisance in its own right. These nymphs wiped out what remained of my tomatoes and I am still trying to get them to “move on”. sigh.

What do you think?

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