Moon Madness and Night Blossoms


My being a “moonchild” is not merely a by product of being a Cancer by horoscope. I truly do love the moon, basking in moonlight and thinking of the wonder of all that could be “out there”.  This shot was taken just about a week ago, during the last full moon. I wanted to share a few of the shots I have taken along the way.


This shot was taken when we had some property in the countryside of Mississippi.


This one was taken in Florida. It’s so funny to me….

It is always the same moon, but it seems to put on  a different face; and always it inspires me.


The bloom?  It is my night blooming iris. I have had several over the years. They are magnificent to see, but you must wait until nearly midnight for them to fully open. And if you happen to miss it, well you are out of luck. The bloom only lasts one night, hanging limp and wasted by morning.  The smell is heavenly and well worth waiting up for.


This was my best bloom ever, with 25 flowers on it. I wanted to sleep under it all night!


Often confused with the genus Cereus, it is actually a member of the Epiphyllum group, known as Epiphyllum oxypetalum.  It is of the epiphyte family and not a cacti.  it is also often referred to as Queen of the Night.   You can understand why when you see the leaf. It looks very much like that of a Christmas Cactus.

It is native to Central American and Northern South America but does very well in tropical climates here in the states. I have had success with it in Louisiana and it loved Florida!

This flower has been mentioned in book titles, novels and volumes of poetry. It is the “famous” flower from the Dennis the Menace series that Mr. Wilson waits so patiently to bloom for recognition in his garden club.

It is wonderful to watch the process of blooming because it starts with the bud coming from a vein like area of one of the leaves, grows to a nice bulb and slowly begins to turn upward as its stalk grows.  You will know when it is ready to bloom because it becomes fuller and the white will often show through the pink and green pod surrounding it. When it gets close I set an alarm and watch every night-just in case.  You really hate to miss one if you love this plant.

I can imagine magical creatures living inside and only emerging for one night as it blooms.



I  think it is simply magnificent.

Pura Vida

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