Hi everyone and anyone who happens in,

I came across this poem I wrote which was originally published in a local health/resource publication here in Baton Rouge.  I read it once more and realized what a timeless message it held for me personally. I wanted to share it with you. The piece above is mine also, done at a very poignant time of rebirth for me, both spiritually and as a woman in particular.



Spreading my wings to the open sky

I let the breath of God dry the dampness of birth

from my body,

I turn my face upward to the brilliance of Life,

drink in its possibilities,

disown my fear of leaving the womb,


with a sudden rush of ecstasy,

the wind whispers my name and sweeps me

into the arms of freedom.

Soaring, gliding

to nowhere-



the Unknown.

Cheryl Pennington

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