Heron Comes to Call

The White Heron, or Great Egret, is found in many warmer, more temperate parts of the world; and we certainly have our share of them here in Southeast Louisiana.  This bird has a distinctive long, yellow-orange bill, while its legs and feet are solid black.  It appears quite stately as it struts smoothly and cautiously,; and when it takes flight, the wing span of this brilliant white bird can be quite impressive.  Similar in appearance to the White Morph of Great Blue Heron family, you can spot the Great Egret by its black legs.

All of this is very interesting stuff; but when my husband left our home and phoned me right away to say, “You’re gonna’ want to grab your camera and go outside”, I never doubted that it would be something amazing.  I was able to snap many shots of this magnificent bird as it strolled across three yards.  If I hadn’t been barefoot and the pavement scorching, I might well have followed it as far as it wanted to walk, possibly to the large man-made lake near the middle of the subdivision.

It was as though it knew my intent and that all my attention was focused on it.  It never flinched, only gazed curiously at me as I walked along with it, trying  to mimic its movement-slow and steady.

What follows are some of the shots I was able to get.  What a terrific evening!





When it got excited the feathers fluffed up on its body around the head.




So…I think I’ll see what the neighbors are up to….


But it kept a keen eye on my position at all times.


Well…both eyes. I was amazed at the way its neck became nearly invisible at this point.


And on it went.


Maybe it intended to bless each yard with its presence. I had to wonder how many others actually noticed it there at all, being inside with AC running and tv, stereo, games…so glad I was blessed.

So, goodbye my friend, and thanks for the photo shoot!  You are a star among Herons..


Are you disappointed I didn’t catch it “in flight”?  I could have instigated such an incident; but who was I to disrupt its pleasant afternoon stroll?

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

and Pura Vida..:)

9 thoughts on “Heron Comes to Call

    1. I was very honored to be Heron’s photographer that day. I do believe it was curious and wanted to learn more about humans and their “habits”. Thank you all for coming by to visit!


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