Butterflies…one Photographer’s Encounter

Butterflies are free…..


One thing I have learned in the last ten years about my husband is that when he says “look” it is usually a camera worthy opportunity.  He has taught me much about catching the not so obvious treasures that await the focus of my digital eye.

This day was a hot one. He had been working on his truck and I popped my head out for a quick word, when “Look..” and he pointed to our Lantana bush.  Of course I saw it immediately.  Next to dragonflies and hummingbirds-and well, monkeys-butterflies are my very favorite creatures.  Here are the photos this lovely creature was magnanimous enough to allow me to snap before winging its way to another feast of nectar elsewhere.


Winged zebra!

Why did you not bring the herd?

A splash of sunshine to kiss the pink blossoms.


This beauty was as fast as it was lovely.



As I looked closely at the photos, I was enthralled by the delicate white of its body..


And the hint of blue on the fringe catches the eye like a bit of smudged paint on the bottom of a palette.


Some Such Butterfly Be Seen

by Emily Dickinson

Some such butterfly be seen

On Brazilian Pampas-

Just at noon-no later-Sweet-

Then-the license closes-

Some such spice-express and pass-

Subject to your plucking-

As the stars-you knew last night-

Foreigners-this morning.


Will you leave so soon?


I say farewell to the unwitting artist that paints its own portrait

with the flutter of its wings,

the turn of its head,

and the place it chooses to find succor.

The next day its doppelganger arrived.   Sadly, I was too slow to retrieve my camera and it left before I returned. Hopefully, it will come again.

May your day be touched by beauty, and may you be looking closely enough to recognize it.  🙂

What do you think?

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