“North of the Wall”: A Photographic Trip to the Far North

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I’m very proud to present the fine work of Stefano Crosio today. Many of you know him already from Clicks & Corks and Flora’s Table, if not, please give him a visit and say hello! Nikon D2x   200 -400mm f/4.0    f/9     1/250    Iso 400    400mm Canada, Hudson Bay: Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) and tundra vegetation This first awardwinning image is one of my favourites. Be aware of the expressions of the animals, have you seen anything like this? I have learned a lot from Stefano, let’s read what he writes himself about going to… Continue reading “North of the Wall”: A Photographic Trip to the Far North

A Linux guy using an iPad 3

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Sometimes life can be very surprising.  For example, just last night I was given as a gift an iPad 3, and it wasn’t “just my imagination”. Once again! Now keep in mind I am a Linux guy, so obviously it’s all about the penguins baby!  Although Linux will work on Pentiums as well so don’t start crying about that. I mean. look at the posts I have made in the course of about a year and a half they are predominately Linux-based.   So, for one to not know of my affinity for Linux would be… Continue reading A Linux guy using an iPad 3