He looks a mess doesn’t he? All I noticed when I first spotted this tiny creature on the bricks of our wall was a lizard that had odd coloring, a sort of grayish marbling n top of the darker base. It wasn’t until I trained the zoom lens on it that I saw the real reason for the distinctive tones. The lizard was shedding its skin!


Having had a few rough days of my own with regard to personal growth, change and progress, I took this as yet another sign from the world of nature for me to look within. As I watched this little lizard rolling about on the rough surface of the brick, trying to hurry the process of becoming smooth and new once more, I was humbled to realize this was not dissimilar to my current predicament. Change and growth, although not without pain, are a natural process of our lives; and there is often  no easy way to hurry it along- as if we should anyway. After a bit, the lizard sat breathless and tired, with bits of cast off skin clenched in its jaws; and still, there was quite a way to go. If only it could see what a lovely image  it made at first glance, mottled and exotic looking.  If only we could see ourselves as more than the sum of our struggles. Perhaps then we might realize that true beauty is often found in the oddly misshapen parts of ourselves, that these wounds are  the “patina” of our existence in this dream walk.


As he walked away, I was reminded of a soldier on the battlefield, bandaged for the next battle. he looked so beautiful. I decided to accept my changes gracefully.  So remember to be beautiful! Be yourself…..

What do you think?

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