“North of the Wall”: A Photographic Trip to the Far North

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I’m very proud to present the fine work of Stefano Crosio today. Many of you know him already from Clicks & Corks and Flora’s Table, if not, please give him a visit and say hello!

Nikon D2x   200 -400mm f/4.0    f/9     1/250    Iso 400    400mm
Canada, Hudson Bay: Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) and tundra vegetation

This first awardwinning image is one of my favourites. Be aware of the expressions of the animals, have you seen anything like this? I have learned a lot from Stefano, let’s read what he writes himself about going to The Far North with a camera:

The images on this post are a selection from three trips I made to the subarctic regions of Canada and Japan, namely Nunavut, the western shores of the Hudson Bay in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and eastern Hokkaido, Japan.

CANADA, Churchill (Hudson Bay)Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) near rail tracks
Nikon D2x   200 -400mm f/4.0    f/5.6     1/500    Iso 400    400mm

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2 thoughts on ““North of the Wall”: A Photographic Trip to the Far North

  1. Dear Tropicalaffair, thank you so for reblogging the wonderful work Stefano Crosio! This puts a big smile on my face! Have a lovely time.
    Greetings from The Far North


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