Turtle Blessing



Meet my new friend. Last evening, as my husband and I made our daily “observation” and inspection of our veggies and flowers, I noticed one cucumber that had been accosted quite seriously. Being prejudiced against our furry tailed tree rodents, better known as the lovable but annoying squirrel, I quickly assumed one of them to be the culprit. They are known to wreak havoc in a garden of tomatoes, although thus far we have had no such incidents. As I was inspecting the remaining cucumbers, my husband began to nudge me to another part of the yard, further up along the fence line. Finally following the line of his pointing finger, I was amazed and thrilled to see this lovely tortoise resting near the bottom of the hurricane fence. He had the totally guilty look of one who has had way too much crunchy cucumber goodness very recently.  Anyone who knows me at all knows my deep affinity for the turtle. My home is a veritable shrine to the creature that delights and inspires my soul. And now here was this one to bless my yard and garden with its presence! Yay!

I scooped it up carefully so that I might capture a few photos of its personality on digital copy before it retreated to whatever it called a hiding place. It was very excited to be in the limelight, as evidenced by the flow of turtle urine it released, and which I deftly sidestepped altogether.  I spoke to it softly and in response it stuck its head out and turned to me as if to give me words of wisdom.


It truly was enthralled by our voices; and after careful interrogation, it finally admitted to the whole cucumber debacle.


I was more than happy to forgive the transgression if only it agreed to visit again. We released the culprit back into the grass where it promptly displayed how its legendary ancestor put that cocky hare to shame-indeed there was truth in the fable!



It quickly made its way around the edge of  the house, stopping to rest beneath the safety of some dried grass clippings, but then proceeded to its destination after we went back inside. When I came out a little later, I expected to find no trace of it, but lo and behold it had made its way back to you-know-where: the cucumber bed! Yep.


I went out to look for our new friend this morning, but there was no sign of it anywhere, not even a newly nibbled cucumber. I hold out hope for a return appearance, but am ever thankful we had this visit to enjoy. Yet another blessing upon the little nest we call home. 🙂

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