Gossamer in the Garden

Hi All,

Ever have one of those days that just isn’t all you’d hoped for…and then along comes something wonderful?


Well, that accurately describes my yesterday. In the shadow of evening, my husband called me to our front garden area to look at some newly blossoming hydrangeas. While I didn’t find them quite so impressive, this beautiful creature caught our eye and gave me a lovely photo session. She was the perfect model. I wanted to share her beauty with you.


I’ve seen lots of dragonflies but none quite like this, at least here in Louisiana. Usually they are the typical green and blue variety.


I swear once it even looked like she winked at me!


I love the hand painted look of the wing tips.


After taken a dozen or more photos, I said good evening to my friend and left her to her own devices. I hope she returns.

Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Gossamer in the Garden

      1. They are symbolic of resurrection – I use that imagery in Strong as Death.

        The most beautiful dragonfly I’ve ever seen was in France a couple of years ago. It was as long as my hand and a gorgeous jade/turquoise colour. I’ve never seen anything like it. I swear, for a moment, I thought i was a fairy 😀


      2. Thats how I feel about Damselflies. I think it’s the multiple wings. There were these huge red dragonflies in Cosra Rica. They were like toy helicopters! Very mystical creatures.


    1. Thanks. I love my dragonflies. They have been like little muses all Spring and Summer. I love taking photos almost as much as writing. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a message. 🙂


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