Raccoon Tails

Uh..make that tales, folks.  So..here in the land of swamps and southern food, my home state of Louisiana, there are also lovely birds, interesting wildlife and many opportunities for adventure-both on land and in the water. I believe the similarities in climate, abundance of wildlife and friendly surroundings, are what made Costa Rica such a natural transition for me. It might also explain the large number of native Louisianians we met during the time we lived in Manuel Antonio/Quepos.  Costa Rica is so diverse, and that particular area really brings together three very different natural environments that are near and dear to my heart-the lush swamplands and rivers of Louisiana, the oceans and beaches of Florida, and the lofty, green mountains of Arkansas.  And all within a few hours’ drive of one another, which is not at all possible here at home. What is possible, however, is the presence of wildlife in any part of our world-woods, highways, cities and even our front yards!

Over the years our home has been halfway house to a myriad of animal life, including cats-many cats, dogs, baby birds, squirrels, hamsters, lop-eared bunnies and yes-even a ferret. So, it was no shock to us when our neighbors took in a surprise guest of their own.

My husband arrived home yesterday and came running inside excitedly urging me to come look and bring my camera. He said, “Hurry, you gotta see this!” As we made our way back out to the driveway he filled me in quickly, “At first when I saw her with it, I thought it was a kitten, but no!”

Now, the “she” he was referring to was our neighbor’s granddaughter and the “it” was indeed not a kitten, although its general behavior was arguably similar. When we emerged from the side of their house and stepped across the yard, there she stood holding the smallest raccoon I have seen up close.


Not just a little irritable, this baby was making itself heard.

It is no surprise to see raccoons in “these here parts” scaling fences or scurrying across the yard in the dark of night, on the prowl or migrating from the woods with a new litter of babies. We also see armadillos and possums as well. Yeah, not exactly squirrel monkeys or toucans, but also adorable and lovely to see.  Our neighbors’ daughter lives in the middle of a well populated subdivision with a fairly heavy traffic load, so imagine her surprise when they opened their door to see this little precious thing there on the lawn. And then there were two!

With no mother in sight, it was soon apparent they were orphaned, so what choice did our friends feel they had other than to snuggle them up and bring them inside? Now it will be a matter of contacting the proper wildlife authority to get the babies cared for until they can be reintroduced into the wild.


Meanwhile, I was thrilled to share their experience and have the opportunity to be up close and personal with another of nature’s family.

I think they may have trouble separating these two from their “new mother”. They definitely were forming bonds.

DSC_5212.NEFWhere’s my Mama?

DSC_5220.NEFAre you my Mama?

DSC_5217.NEFYou sure smell pretty good


Okay, let’s go!  I’m yours…..wait, don’t forget my brother.

DSC_5214.NEFHappy Tails everyone…uh, I mean “trails”. :))

13 thoughts on “Raccoon Tails

    1. It is the Ideation and Intent theme. I chose it because it makes more photos available on the home page so that when visitors stop by they get a good idea of what is available. I wanted it to be easy to navigate-more like a magazine than a dictionary! Thanks for visiting.


  1. oh wow it’s so cute! wasn’t it angry? We saw lots of them, mainly near the atlantic coast. My sister (veterinary) got into a cage with 4 of them, she was a little ehm…scratched when came out LOL. I like to hear you love Costa Rica…like us


    1. Yes, we certainly love Costa Rica and plan to get back there ASAP. Well, these little ones were indeed angry but too young to do much bout it. In fact, one had already attached itself to our neighbor’s granddaughter like a mother. They have been relocated since my post. I def know I wouldn’t want to be scratched by those claws! Thanks for stopping by!


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