They Found Me!


Wow. This morning I awoke with a strong urgency to get out and take some photos. It was the first time since we arrived back “home” in Baton Rouge for me to feel inspired to take up the camera and find my feathered friends.It is still cold intermittently and fairly bleak this weekend, but something was calling to my heart. I do so miss my jungle friends and it almost seemed a betrayal to turn my attentions to another place in so short a time. Silly, I know, but emotions are what they are. In my defense, it has been quite a hectic few weeks getting unpacked and settling into our home. So…I hopped up, put on warm clothes, another weird thing for me after wearing next to nothing for months now, and grabbed my camera. As soon as I stepped onto the patio, bare as it is just now with only a single chair to sit upon, I could hear so many different birds around me, all very eager to see Spring skies return at length and not just in spurts. I had to adjust my eyes to the landscape once more, with all of the grays, browns and basic deadness that is prevalent even though the trees are all trying to bud and welcome new life. As I turned to look over my left shoulder, who should be my first greeter-none other than the Vultures! Now, it has not been common for me to see these great birds here in the midst of city life, among the neighborhoods. Perhaps I never noticed them before. Or perhaps this was their way of reawakening me to my purpose, to say thank you for acknowledging their presence in my world. Or something more. If ever I get this book published and any of you happens to read it, perhaps you will understand just how much more significant this symbol is to me at this point. And there they were, soaring, dipping and gliding for a full five minutes or more above my head before flying off to their day’s quest for food. After that I saw a myriad of other little lovelies that I hadn’t seen in such a long time. It will be an amazing photo journey here as well, of that I am certain. There is always a shot to be had, a photo “op” just waiting to be recognized, and a feathered friend who wants to be a star in my blog. Happy Weekend everyone!


And they say, “Welcome home. We are always here with you.” 🙂

What do you think?

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