A word about small dinosaurs

Sunning himself
Sunning himself

I was perusing my photos from our recent time in Costa Rica and noticed how often I photographed another of my favorite creatures, those enigmatic and intimidating remnants of prehistory that make up the amphibian and reptilian world-the lizards and iguanas. Many people are actually afraid of these fellows and, while I have a healthy respect for their natures and space, I am truly enamored of their beauty and grace as they move through their rituals of daily life. The nice specimen above was waiting in the middle of the hiking road as I made my way towards the private beach near our home in Quepos/Manuel Antonio. The road leads from Hotel Villa Teca past several smaller villas before getting more crude as it winds its way to the rocky beach. I was alone that day and my heart instantly did a few quick flips, wondering what I would do if this rather large friend decided to challenge me for the road, knowing full well I had nowhere quick to escape to.


So..I took a deep breath and began to document his lazy afternoon sunning as I approached his space. He was completely calm as I slowly passed him, merely turning his head to get a bead on my location when he heard the camera shutter. Isn’t he beautiful? I have been told repeatedly by people “in the know” that the worst these guys will usually do is lash out with their tails. From the looks of that tail, I don’t think I want any part of that either. 🙂


Just about the time I regained my confidence I caught a movement in the corner of my eye and turned to see this smaller, yet just as daunting mini version in the form of a lizard that, to me, resembles the Philosoraptor  in miniature. Now, don’t get my lying to you about genus, habits and scientific detail. I only know for certain that they are amazing to watch and photograph.image

and this fellow is our good friend from La Posada, always there to greet us upon arrival.


And our poolside bathing beauty..


To the sentry in the Mangrove..


And meet our rainy season mini monsoon porch refugee…


This big guy was our “backyard buddy” while we lived in our little jungle house. I could devote an entire blog to the photos I took of him.


For as many days as we were fortunate enough to have him, “Godzilla” showed up, making his way to the sunniest spots to languish there, soaking up the rays until he got hungry or the clouds forced him to safer cover. It became our quest to find him among the circle of trees that surrounded our place. Sort of a “where’s Godzilla?” Game. I miss him…I’ll be back to share more photos of our wild friends later. Hope you are having a natural day. 😉

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